This months, German Elle reduced paper quality…Elle was always one of my absolute favourits…Elle was always such a nice perfect magazine but over the last years, Elle reduced format size but the paper quality was always great and very glossy…This month, I went to the magazine store and was looking forwar to buy the current issue…As I opened the magazine, I sae that the paper quality was reduced and now it feels like a carton…No more glossyness, no more smooveness…What a shame…magazine market is going down…

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  1. Even with some mags reducing the quality of the paper that they’re printing on, I’m grateful to have them. I worry that 10 years from now, we won’t have any fashion mags to masturbate to. It might not even be 5 years before that happens sadly. Enjoy them while we can, boys!

  2. I can’t even get the US version of Elle locally it seems. I went to 9 stores and came home empty handed. Stores have either greatly reduced the size of their magazine section or removed it completely. Two of the mags I used to subscribe to (Seventeen and Glamour) have both gone digital only. It’s only going to get worse, I’m afraid.

  3. My five cents: I work in a printing service and I know it is all about our invironment controlled society, First of all everyone has to be green. Otherwise your dead. The magazine publishers have to print in forest green paper with minimal environment impact like the ISO 14001.and have to present the environmental disposal certificate to ensure that the magazines are not affecting the environment in a bad way. Secondly they have to use frendly solvent in the producing progress and that is most why they are not so shiny any more. The last thing is internet, everyone is online today and the printing business begins to fall, no one needs to buy a magazine anymore, you got info much faster with internet. In the publishers eyes, this is good money, they do not need to print a fysical issue, internet is almost free for averybody. and a web hotel dont cost much.

    This is clearly a bad situation for Us magazine lovers. Ive seen the changes over the years and I dont like it. The printing are soon to be eradicated im affraid. prehaps not in this decade, but soon. .

  4. Losing great mags every year. I’ve lost UK more, good shiny love it , look magazine and I think we’ve just lost now magazine too. Very sad times!

  5. Some magazines will persist. But they will be more niche, more top shelf, more expensive. In some ways – for us – even hotter. In every way, a sexy luxury rather than a ‘throw away’ weekly, or monthly (no, I never just threw them away, either). We will always be able to buy glossy fashion magazines, but they will cost us more for the pleasure. $15, $20 and more. They’ll truly be collectible. Cum stains and all.

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