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      1. Hatte es zeitlich bisher noch nicht geschafft. Mein Schwanz freut sich aber schon auf die Seiten und das Cover. Zuerst mit Kondom, da ich das Magazin, was benutzt wird, nicht sofort zerst├Âren will.

    1. Dunno – it’s a magazine I have a LOVE/hate relationship with. It’s visually stunning, a bit less avant-garde than Italian or British Vogue, but that probably makes it more desirable to those who visit here. The paper quality is very nice, but odd: it’s not an easy magazine to open fully – if you try to pull the pages apart enough for it to stay open, they crease near the spine. The German “Myself” when it was also Conde Nast, used to do the same.

  1. Hi mates,
    The paper quality of the german vogue is like toilet paper from beginning of 2019. Like german Elle, HB too. I just gave up collecting these magazines, concentrate the issues before 2000.
    The cover pic is also crap in many cases. When it isnt, and dont care with the paper quality then 100% they f.ck up the editorial with some shitty material like was already mentioned in previous post by someone: put there ugly, black woman, who looks like were coming from a refugee camp or from a desert. And they are wondering why people stop buying their magazines.

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