I love days like these. Wifey went shopping after dinner. Texted me asking if I needed anything. Listed off some sensible things. Requested 10,000 more magazines.

‘But you already have a million’

Fair enough.

She comes home and tosses this issue on my lap, tells me not to cum on it because she wants to eventually read it.



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      1. Well, In my opinion, I actually liked the newstand cover better than the sub. Just because you see her make-up and she looking at you.
        But luckily they have 2 for every ones taste.

      1. I just read the text in the post instead of just looking at the pictures! Holy shit, what a great wife you have! My wife knows about my magazine collection but won’t actively buy them for me or encourage it.

  1. Wish I had a girlfriend who did this and was super cool with my magazine fetish
    Or even joined in with the fun in what ever way she enjoyed (that’s why I hope too have a girlfriend that likes women just as much as I like women too)

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