Nov 222019

I love days like these. Wifey went shopping after dinner. Texted me asking if I needed anything. Listed off some sensible things. Requested 10,000 more magazines.

‘But you already have a million’

Fair enough.

She comes home and tosses this issue on my lap, tells me not to cum on it because she wants to eventually read it.



  12 Responses to “Getting new issues is the best”

  1. I also love Bazaar magazines so glossy and fem.

  2. How could you hold and not cum on that cover? I got an erection just by looking at your pictures. GOD what a sexy cover!

  3. I don’t care for the newsstand cover of this issue unfortunately but LOVE the subscriber cover! Gonna have to find it on ebay!

  4. How does the subscriber cover look like?

  5. You have a good wife for doing that, a keeper for sure.

  6. I just had a session with it last night OMG

  7. Great post – thanks for sharing!

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