I’m an american and will be travelling to Switzerland and Austria in a few months. I recall from a few years ago that there were lots of looking ladies and teens magazines, but I didn’t get to buy any. I won’t miss out this time. Can anyone share any favarorites that might be smiling at me from the newstands of this region? I know I have to have “JOY” this time!

thank you


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  1. One bad point is switzerland and Austria don’t have much choices as local magazines. Mostly it will be French and German magz (depends on which part of Switzerland you will be too).

    All mentioned in above comments are good choices. Femme actuelle, Hola, Hello, Gala,… If you like thicker, vogue still have good quality of paper, and you can also grab an issue of the special issue of Hola Alta Costura or Prêt à porter.

    If you are into teen magz, you can try the German Bravo Girl.

    Don’t hesitate to check older posts to have an idea on what you can find.

  2. I think there are few pretty nice magazines from Austria like Maxima and Flair and you can get German mags there too.. for those pocket versions Joy, Jolie and Glamour at least..

  3. Hello, my favorites are the following:
    Bravo Girl

    I prefer the older issues, they have really cool covers and mode pages. 🙂

  4. I’ve uploaded two pictures. One is my collection how it looked like one and half year ago.
    Seconds are some Freundin I’ve bought on this weekend. They are beautiful.

  5. Hi, I’ve uploaded some more magazines from Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Petra, Freundin, Diva, Flair and Bravo Girl. I think it is worth to check them when you are there. As I’ve highlighted several times the older magazines have better content then the newer nowadays.

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