Gossip magazines have always been my favorite. they sparked my fetish and i’ve never looked back.

It started when I started being a sissy. i was looking for more feminine activities to do in my free time, and ended up going to the store. i saw quite a few women indulging in them during checkouts, they seemed so interested I had to give them a read. I bought my first issue of Star and went back home to see what the fuss was about and was blown away. the drama was juicy and kept me reading cover to cover, on top of that i was getting so hard i could help myself and started stroking. i had a huge orgasm and after i finished cleaning up, i wanted to go right back to reading them, reading more. with the combination of my new found love of gossip and the glossy pages and colorful pictures making me so horny, it’s become my favorite passtime. I can’t cum without them and i don’t think I would ever want to lol. they are forever a part of my life and it’s been great ❤️

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  1. Very hot, just reading this made me rock hard. I would love to hang out and read gossip rags together sometime. It’s so nice to see others that love them as well

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