Love Sep 2019
Love Sep 2019

I just went to my favorite local bookshop and found this!!! I knew they were a thing, but I have never had one before. I have to say this, the 20 bucks I had to pay are totally worth it. The paper is ultra thick, the colors are incredibly sharp and the pictures are amazing an I would say 80% of the pages are just these amazing pictures by themselves. Like you could take any page from this magazine and frame it. I don’t know any American magazine that offers all these content and quality currently.  It really gives me hope knowing a magazine like this exist. Maybe many popular mass consumption magazines we love will end up dying (I mean, compare an InStyle from the 2000’s to this disappointing September issue). I am cool with magazines being published 4 times a year in this quality and at this price than 12 thin editions in terrible paper.

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  1. I have quite a few of those – pure joy.
    Also try Pop Mgazine – even glossier and thicker !
    Other top-shelve high gloss and quality mags are Dansk, Numero, AnotherMagazine, Muse, Vogue Japan, V Magazine.

    1. Good to know other good quality magazines, particularly with the current trend in the mass market. The only thing I missed on this magazine was the perfume smell (I can always buy a small tester on ebay and make it smell pretty). I mean, this issue has just 400+ pages but the quality is so superior that is as thick as some of my magazines with double the pages! Also I really enjoyed the images even outside of the fetish. Most are incredibly tasteful and I also found really cool that they sell the same magazine with multiple covers. I think my girlfriend will love it too.

  2. Sadly our german Magazines are much thinner. Don’t know why. Sometimes it’s strange. A few Years ago, there has been an Issue of Vanity Fair with Madonna in her sexy Boots. Italian Issue and…think was the US…few more Pages, few more Pics. German once: the Article and less Pics.


    1. Well, English is a global language and this magazine is being sold around the globe, but also is a trend that magazines are getting thinner due to the rise of the internet and social media sites having a lot more influence on the consumer.

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