Does anyone feel that just as the big ones are about to be put on Newsagents shelves. That it’s a bit like thanks giving or harvest. Where by the for next two or three months every mag is thick with great pictures plus perfume samples for smelling while rubbing a brand new autumn mag on your body and cock while flipping through the pages of another mag??

I love this time of year!!

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  1. I also love this time of year! My wife’s birthday is in august, and before we dated, she said that it was a tradition of hers to buy all the august fashion mags, so I’ve taken over that tradition and buy her every single August mag I can get my hands on! Then in September, I also buy her the super big fall fashion issues too!

  2. I just cannot wait to be encapsulated in all those gorgeous fashion magazines, I crave their sweet scented glossy pages cuddling my body.

  3. I love this time of year and impatiently waiting for it, every year !
    I always crave for the September issues of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and for the big & thick fall issues of some others, like: Pop, V, Another Magazine, Marie Claire Italia…

  4. Cheers guys just today ive done the vogue uk twice over must say judging by this months issue this seasons seems to be all about slutty boots, lovely. In the suppliment i jizzeed all down the picture of the model wearing the pink thigh hghs. Also as its shulmans last vogue as editor we shoulg try and salute her somehow. .

    1. “Also as its shulmans last vogue as editor we shoulg try and salute her somehow. .”

      Ha, nice. Yeah, UK Vogue has turned out to be my go-to mag over the last few years, and I’m intrigued what the change of editor will bring.

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