I always liked the idea that a women read me like a magazine and used me like a magazine. Have more of you the same fetish?

i make stories of my fantasie ! If you like i can post it 🙂

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  1. 100% it’s my exact fetish! I dream of being a hello or OK! Magazine and being read and used by a woman, then after a few days, maybe even a week she has finished with me, I’m all tatty and so she discards me into a bin, to live the rest of my life as her garbage
    I’d love to see some of your stories!

  2. I did used to think about this a lot as a kid. I can’t really explain why because I haven’t really felt it as much as I got older but I definitely remember feeling that way. I also use to love going to the recycling center and seeing the huge dumpster full of magazines and wishing I could be buried in it!

    1. I dreamed often about it when like 6 or something.. it was super weird and strong feeling, I was inside the magazine or part of it somehow.. and only years later I remembered it and understood it was part of this fetish..

  3. My name is Daffy. Yes, I am the same trashcan moderator of Gromet’s Plaza that wrote magazine transformation stories. Gromet removed my stories and this deleted all the feedback and fan mail. That upset me. But I gave the Plaza a second chance as Polythenewrappedme. But the Thought Police told me what I could not write so I left a second time. I do, however, miss the friends I had.

    1. hey daffy i’m so glad you’re back. I grew up with your stories. I have shared your stories with people who also have this fetish I hope you are not mad about that

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