As the headline is my my question to you all, if you ever have lived out some of your fantasis?

I am one of those who have, And I can only confirm how wonder full it is 🙂 The hardest thing for me was to tell my wife about it, but once it was told it became a part of our life.

Does any of you who has the same expirience with it??


Best rgds to you all


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  1. I told my girlfriend soon after going out and she is pretty cool about it. She bought me even some European magazines when she was there and always tells me “if someone finds out (the magazines) and you are uncomfortable, just tell them that those are mine.” I usually like to masturbate to them by myself, so I do not make them part of our sex routine with her. We do plenty of stuff which certainly are my fantasies, but are more “mainstream,” as bdsm, for example. Usually I play with them when I am by myself. The only fantasies I haven’t met are ironically reading a whole fat magazine without touching myself (I simply can’t) and getting one rolled and inside my ass. I got once a really thin one but I want a bigger issue. I know I can do both with the proper tools and I do not necessarily need someone else to fulfill that fantasy.

  2. I have a woman that I see to play with my mags, and she use to roll tha Magazine up, put a condom around it and stick it in her pussy and then I am allowed to fuck her with it and that is my biggest turn on…

  3. I have sort of. I have had two girlfriends that were very cool about it. First one was only a short term relationship.

    But was with a girl for ten years and she was very accepting and a heavy participant in my magazine fetish. Having said that though it did cause problems in our relationship later. It can be a fine line. After a while when your girlfriend has a body issue and she ends up hating the thought of her boyfriend is more interested in women’s magazines, then it was over.

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