My lovely girlfriend has bought me some sexy lingerie from Ann Summers whilst out shopping with her friends, also on the way home she noticed her friend had a bag of used magqzines on her back seat, just so happens they were for the recyling bin.
My partner, thinking of me said “she’ll take them”

She left early this morning but woke me up to let me know she’ll be home at tea time and that she has laid a bunch of clothes out for me to try.

After she left, I went into the spare room and on the bed was laying some new sexy pvc skirts along with some of my favourite lingerie presented neatly plus an Ann Summers bag with all the new purchases she bought yesterday.
At the top of the bed was sitting the bag of magazines she had got of her friend and it had a sticky note on it saying…

“Sorry I can’t join you – today make sure you have fun and I want you to be fully dressed in an outfit that is on this bed when I get home. Looking forward for this evening! Love you lots! Xxxxx”

Today is a great day!!

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