Here is a story I wrote a few years ago about my adoration and love for V MAGAZINE.

I hope you like it.

Her Name Was V Mag…

I spotted her the minute I entered the fashion magazines section.
She stood out above all the other girls; calm, luxurious, glamorous & extremely elegant.
V mag was wearing a tight red dress with matching high heel pumps.
Her creamy arms ended with petite hands with long delicate fingers with meticulously made round & long finger nails, dipped in deep crimson nail polish.
Red hot lipstick on her cherry lips, thin black gentle eye mascara – the whole package.
She was so smooth and she wore a stunning perfume – simply gorgeous.
She was so confident and mesmerizing, and yet so feminine & seductive – a true Femme Fatale.
There was no doubt in my mind: V mag was bigger than life !

She gave me no chance to escape, so I looked in her eyes and dared to hold her delicate hand. To my surprise she responded by smiling at me and whispering: I’m yours to be swept away, take me with you and let’s explore each other.
I gently caressed her perfect glossy cheek and she blushed a little. I helped her up by putting my arm around her perfect waist and pulling her towards my chest. We then left the room together, holding each other tight, both of us feeling our hearts ready to explode.

Upon arrival at home I lead her to my cool dark bed room. We lay down together, giggling, in the wide comfortable bed and our hands, like a hungry octopus, running & touching gently
all over our steaming bodies. She then stopped for a moment and softly whispered:
Wait, turn on the light, I need to see your body and I need you to see mine – it will deepen the experience and intensify the pleasure.
I silently obeyed and we continued studying each other hidden places frantically.
Then she spread her long chiseled arms, lay on top of me and hugged me with all her might, arms and legs around my body. I ran my hand through her gorgeous rich long dark hair and buried my face
in the soft coolness of her pale shining long neck, just above her slim collarbone. I took a deep breath, inhaling her intoxicating smell. Then I put my head between her round firm breasts,
running my tongue in small quick circles on and around her hard erect nipple.
She moaned deeply and quivered. Then she reached down and put her hand around my throbbing member.
She flickered gently her long fingers along my shaft until I was ready to shoot my load. She felt that, and whispered in my ear she wanted me to invade her love crack and pump her
as hard as I could.
As much as I wanted to comply, I couldn’t bring myself to mess her up. She was too perfect, too slick, too glamorous. However, since she begged me to give her all I had (yes, she was that kinda girl – in spite of her misleading look & conduct), so I gave her what she wished for.

V mag & I spent the following moments embraced in each other arms (and legs) catching our breath. Then, appreciating her for the high maintenance girl that she was, I cleaned her up thoroughly and tenderly, until she was all dry, glossy and elegant, perfect & intact, ready for our next encounter – just as she was when I first laid my eyes on her…

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