Oct 182016

I am a boy at 15 soon and i LOVE glossy magazines. I steal my mom’s, but I think she have unsubscribed from the magazines. How do i get glossy magazines easy without going out to the shop and buying? (I found a site where i could get 2 free version of a very sexy mag in Norway called Costume. And this might be my two last ones too! ):)

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  1. Hallo There!
    That is a hard question. If you dont want to buy magazines, you have to borrow them.
    Im curious about your “stealing” from your mom, Do she know that you steal them? Sound like thats why she stopped her subscribing.
    where do you stash your mags from your mom?

    • I wait a few weeks after she is done reading them and she lays the magazines anywherw actually. And I come and take them. And no, she doesnt know anything 🙂

      • Hi again.
        How did you discover your magazine fetish?
        What turns you on, do you masturbate to the girls in the mag or to the mag itself?

        • It all started from when I was a kid. I liked to look at the magazines in the store and I got kinda aroused. When i got older, i found a magazine in my home and it turnt me on.

          I like the magazine and the girls in it. Its mixed

  2. What magazines did you mom buy??

  3. where do you live

  4. im 17 year old boy and i love glossies aswell.
    Do you have snapchat or like kik in your phone it would be nice to swap pics of our mags i used to steal them too from my mother… now i have gathered guts to go buy my own mags from stores

  5. These are expert methods and advice from a magazine lover who started when I was 6 years old:

    first the easiest
    Get yourself excited and strap some magazines to your naked body using belts or big tape then just go and buy – they love to sell and tell them your mommy is sick and needs some mags. Don’t take them out off the rack yourself because you can not find them and need assistance, just ask for the title like the latest U.S issue of Cosmo….you be surprised how horny you will get…

    get yourself a fake email address with a nice female name like elly.johanson@yahoo.com
    look for the biggest news and magazine press shop in your location
    send them an email with your mags order asking to keep for you the issues to be picked up by your brother because you broke your leg and can not walk right now but your little brother will come to pick them up for you.
    Then you go to the shop and say you come to get your sister’s order and your name is mark johanson…. and of course you also pack yourself with a mag wearing under your cloths

    Last but not least
    follow the waist trail …does your community have a pick up for paper with the trash collection – then go hunting in the night when they put the trash outside, you be surprised how easy it is to find. Or go to the site were the collect the paper waste, take some old newspaper to trow away and take the mags – sure you will find some!

    last but not least nr 2
    Many countries have second hand site sellings books and mags – and let them deliver in a neutral pick up point…use the fake email

    good luck and let us know if you succeeded !!

  6. I’m 17 and love girls fashion magazines Add me on snapchat: kieranmayger1

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