Recently, one of you members, told me about his intention to buy an issue of Hola Prêt-à-Porter or Alta Costura.
So here is a sample of what can be found inside. Of course I tried to pick the best pages!

As reminder: Hola is a famous spanish magazine, focused mostly on spanish celebrities. 4 times a year, they published 2 special issues of Prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture. They content pictures of the last shows of the fashion weeks.

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  1. Wonderful! Just my kind of Magazines! Pity it isnt sold in Sweden!

    The girl in a pink dress are one of the most gorgeous babe ive seen this year.. Perfect make-up, especially her eye make-up, Perfect dress and body. I am gonna masturbate to your pic of her later, thanks for showing her to me!

    You wouldnt like to trade one issue against some Damernas or Amelia? 😉

    Anyway this is the girl i mean:

    1. Ho are you sure there is no Hola in Sweden?

      Very good choice for the girl in pink, I actually used to masturbate on that page. She is on some others pages as well actually.

      Hehe so far I keep those issues, as it is quite rare magazine.

      But I am sure you might find as swedish website which sell it, isn’t it?
      Take care, I picked some good pics, majority of the magazine is pictures of girls on the catwalk. And the Alta Costura contains around 100 pages of bride’s dresses, which I am not fond of, that’s why I mostly buy Prêt-à-Porter.

      1. Hi!
        Please AdminMF, can you do me a favor. As i menioned before, the girl in pink is soo damn sexy.
        Can you photo this girl for me so i can print her out in A3?. The pages with her that you show is amazing.
        I cant find these pages or girl on the net elsewere.

        You can send them in a private message if you dont want to post them here.

        1. Hi Donnie,

          I am not at home nowadays (holidays), but when I get back and find 10 minutes, sure I will do it.
          To be sure: you talk about the girl in pink with the title “Karl Lagerfeld […]” ?

          1. Hi Again!
            I begging you. Do you have time to take a picture of the girl in pink?
            I am soo in love with her looks and her sexy face!

            Regards Donnie!

          2. Hi Donnie!
            Actually, I did take a new picture, but the quality was so poor, so I decided to no transfer to you.
            So I think I will use my Scanner probably, or a better quality camera in order for you to fully enjoy it.
            I might do it next friday or saturday. I will let you know.

  2. Hey, it was me wanting to get Hola Prêt-à-Porter.
    Still haven’t had the chance to stop by at the only magazine store I know selling this magazine in my area.

    Your pics are so juicy; The pages look so large and shiny, the delicious girls in the photos are slick and gorgeous – I love it !
    I really must do something about it and bring myself to this magazine store soon :).

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