Hello my glossy women’s magazine friends. New member but a long time watcher of this site. I have actually been watching from time to time since it started. I was introduced through the owner by chance from a writing/story forum years back. I wrote a couple of short stories on that website about my glossy women’s magazine fetish and I saw a comment that this site started. I should of joined sooner however my women’s magazine fetish has been in the shadows of my life for along time like alot of you.

I am from Adelaide and have bought so many women’s magazines since 1984 it is frightening. Mainly Australian magazines with a touch of British. Unfortunately Australian magazines are a shadow of once they were. I will never forget the thrill and anxiety of buying a glossy magazine for women in my teens and twenties. Especially my first monthy fashion one for women. Cosmopolitan. Dec 1987 i think. It was fat and had a stand out model. It was not like the weekly ones i had previously procurred. It was calling out to me. The endorphins flowing I had to learn the art of choosing quick then making that walk up to the counter with my selection. What was the attendent thinking? Are they going to say something? I just soaked it up knowing that I was going to get intimate and make love to that Cosmopolitan magazine along with rest of my stash i had collected. I’d sometimes even wear women’s magazines as i buy them, but thats another story.

It’s a joy to see people who worship glossy women’s magazines like myself. I plan to write a few short stories soon about my journey and get a bit more into detail if people are interested. I just wanted to bite the bullett and post something to see if it works and introduce myself. All the best

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  1. Welcome to this great site! I’m Melbourne based with a similar story to yours. My first orgasm was with the July 1978 issue of Aussie Cosmo and I’ve been in love with Cosmo ever since and have a large collection of them. The very first issue of Cosmo I bought was a US edition – April 1981 whilst travelling as a teen. The very first Aussie Cosmo I finally braved up to buy was the May 1982 issue and I just haven’t stopped (well, once for a short period when I stupidly tried to deny my love for Cosmo. I’m a transvestite/crossdresser also, but rarely do the whole makeup and wig thing – just wear lingerie and my special Cosmo dresses. I love walking around in public wearing my Cosmo dresses whilst carrying a armful of Cosmo’s – I guess as a way of expressing my love for Cosmo and that I have a Cosmo Girl inside of me – I do wish I was female with the fantasy being a lesbian!

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