Sep 072020

Keen to understand more how the community uses their magazines? Please share

  4 Responses to “How do you Fuck yours?”

  1. For me it varies. I’ll often spread a load of mags around the bed, roll around on them naked whilst kissing a nice face close up, really smelling the page at the same time. I’ll be walking at the same time. Or I’ll find a nice face close up and lay on top of it and fuck it until I come. Sometimes I might roll a mag around my cock and wank with it. But for me, it’s mainly about looking at the face close ups as I cum.

  2. I sometimes lube them up with baby oil and lie on them humping them till I cum whilst face down enjoying the smell.

  3. Sometimes I jack off on them or I’ll flip to a picture of a pretty model, roll the magazine but I have it so the pictures still showing and I fuck the magazine

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