Just wondering how long you guys can last without touching yourself when you read a magazine?

I always have the intention to read from cover to cover and savour everything but usually I can barely get past the first bunch of ads before I have to reach for my cock…usually someone like Keira Knightley for Chanel or Jennifer Lawrence for Dior does it for me…and once I reach for my cock I just have to make myself cum…can’t hold back.

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  1. That is exactly like me. When I reach the ads I feel the erection starts. Pretty soon after, I get my cock out. Like you, my favs are Dior,Chanel, L’OrĂ©al and Maybelline. When I buy a fresh new issue I usally cum in about 10 minutes.

  2. In my case I first select a nice stack on glossies. Then I read them one by one until I get to any favorite part such as ed’s or nice feminine articles to cum.

  3. Also I have to add a second comment. I dont buy magazine thats not turns me on when I look at the cover in the shop. It have to be a gorgeous girl or girls on the cover for me to buy it. Then I get aroused from the shop to my home. I already know I am gonna masturbate and cums pretty hard to the girls on the cover or in a ad. When im feeling horny and pick a bunch of magazine from my stash at home I usally know where the best ads are and save my orgasm for a while so I can be able to read some feminine articles before I spray my cum in the magazine.

  4. Yeah sometimes wth a new mag flicking through the pages i get situs when there are so many hot pictures i have to just go for it. Also ive had times when my wife swaps magazines with her friends. A couple of times ive had a fly cheeky wank with one of hers. I try not t but the mag keeps looking at me. I wait till my wife has gone to bed, cause these omes are ” off limits” but i cant help it so. I start with giving my cock just a tast, a tuch then end up having a full on wrapped round my cock wank. These ones end up eing intense where i end up making a lot of mess the cum goes all down the spin of the mag at the bottom all over my balls, pubes. when i try to clean up with one or two tissies the cm ends up smearing more than usual it goes on my fingers, boxers, everywhere. Weirdly this has happened withmagazines with Lorraine Kelly and Kirstie Allsopp on the cover. Not even

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