Aug 082021

  7 Responses to “How many magazines have you pleasured yourself over in the last 10 years?”

  1. so many!! I have some of the same magazines

  2. Couldnt even imagine how many I have enjoyed over the years!

  3. I love Grazia having it’s way with me so glossy and feels so fem and exciting exploring my body.

  4. About 700 magazines.

  5. in 1 weekend £32 on vogue an the love magazine I rolled into tube use vaseline to lube an push onto my length

  6. Not sure but I bet it is several hundred.I still have many stored away.I try to keep them clean as I can.When I get my cum on them I clean them off by licking my cum off the magazine as soon as I cum on them

  7. Like the others , countless. I have also gotten myself into several situations where the magazine was part of an encounter.