Apr 192016

Here is a hot girl in sexy lingerie, teaching how to jerk off while flipping a Cosmopolitan magazine. This video is moslty for newbies, as most of us are already experts!

  10 Responses to “How to masturbate on Cosmopolitan magazine”

  1. I do it all the time with Cosmopolitan magazine.Cosmo turns me on so much.

  2. This is mind blowing!

  3. I love it too. Since September 1994 issue til current issues .. I’m 100 % straight but love reading and jacking off to it ! Just really wish the mags were thicker these days like old school Cosmo ..

  4. So I went and got the same copy off Ebay so I can play along lol..

  5. Omg Its great i love it so much

  6. I have been masterbating to Cosmopolitan
    Magazine and I have fallen in love. Am I crazy or am I really in love?

  7. I love kissing and masturbating with each issue of COSMO!!! Like getting a new girlfriend each month to make love to by stroking the magazine!! Its truly my “girlfriend”!!!