Just wondering how everybody experienced women’s magazines for the first time. For me my mom had them and I found a interest in them when I was 11 years old. My mom had cosmo glamour mademoiselle good housekeeping ladies home journal vogue redbook.

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  1. WOW you mother must have had an awfull lot of magazines in your childhoodhome. Where did she keep them? and did she have any farvorite place to read them??

  2. How did she keep har magazine when she was carrying them around? My mum allwayes had the newest magazines on her tables coffe and dinnertable, she once said that it is the way to show guests wich magazine there was read in the house.

  3. Everything started as a boy, my grandmother was a seamstress and she was making wedding dresses. She had in a closet, shelves full of bridal magazines and one afternoon they caught my attention. So much femininity in these magazines, with very thick and glossie pages, almost photographic. In addition to that, I saw how beautiful women came to the workshop to browse through these magazines while trying on their dresses and fabrics. Once in particular, a client left open a magazine (nubilis) on a special page, I did not hesitate to look at what she had chosen thinking that she had just used the magazine recently. In the magazine there was a beautiful model in a glorious white dress, with shoes and a very nice hairstyle. From that moment I fell in love with women’s magazines, they invited me to a feminine world that was forbidden to me. My sister followed the same path, she studied clothing design so during my adolescence I was able to browse when I could design magazines, especially the collection issues. Years later, I started buying my own magazines. I started with Nubilis, the same magazine from my childhood. With 500 pages, thick and glossy pages, full of beautifully dressed women. Then followed Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and the others ….

    Ps, sorry for my crappy english!

  4. I think it was interesting when i as a boy encountered the so called “paradoxes” fx in my school there was a girl who was extreme EMO but her room was girie and she was an aviad reader of womens magazines.

    Does any remember those funny mixes of girl and magazines?

  5. I was rasied alone with my mom. For me I was about 10 when I looked in one of my moms magazine. I got hooked pretty fast, But about the age of 11 when I got curage to steal one of my moms magazine. She read most Damernas Värld, Femina or Veckorevyn back then. I got my first “handmade” orgasm to a Loreal ad with Isabella Rossellini. Later I got a huge thing for Tatjana Patitz. I collect most pics of her from moms magazines and paste them in a book that I hidden under my bed. It escalade and I bravely kept my moms stolen magazine under my bed back and forth over the years. And yes, if someone wonders, Of course she found them every now and then. Some of newest magazines she always tried to take back to her belongnings, but she always left the most worn magazines with cum stains.

  6. Veckorevyn was not a girly mag in the late 70s and 80s,I recall(in my opinion) it became girly mag in the very late 90s/Millenuim. I was born when my mom was 17, so about 27 years old reading Veckorevyn does not sounds so bad to me. I cant say why she read that mag, I noticed everyone of her friend also read Veckorevyn.

  7. In my case, it was a classic story. My mum used to read french magazines, especially ‘Femme Actuelle’. And I got interested to take a look at them while I was going to watch tv in my parent’s bedroom alone.
    It was very arousing and I got erection everytime I look at them. But that time I didnt know what is masturbation, so i didnt really understand what means to have an erection. I just felt good, that’s it.
    Then, I learnt to masturbate, at around 11 or 12 years old. And naturally I was more and more interested to masturbate on those magazines, especially when i was alone at home.
    A bit later, my sister started to buy her first issues of ELLE and Marie-Claire.
    And i started to buy on my own at age 18, when I became student and lived alone in another city.
    Then I had to come back home, so I bought them and hide them in my bedroom, inside a box of computer parts.

  8. Yo les hablaré en español…ya traduciran.

    Empecé a los 12 años viendo revistas NUEVO VALE de mi hermana mayor. Eran revistas para teenagers muy subidas de tono y que hablaban mucho de sexo. Con ellas empecé a masturbarme. Más tarde empezó a comprar ELLE y yo tambien se las cogía para leer y para masturbarme con ellas. Ya de mayor, empecé a comprar mis propias revistas y no ha parado hasta ahora con 45 años. Además, mi mujer sabe de mi fetiche y lo comparte conmigo en muchas ocasiones durante nuestras relaciones sexuales. A ella no le excitan las revistas pero lo hace por mi. No tengo que esconder nunca las revistas!!!

    1. Que suerte la tuya! Algo similar hago con mi novia, ella sabe lo que me excitan y lo hace para satisfacerme. Aunque ahora estamos en un parate 🙁 pero no hay mejor sensación que no tener que esconder las revistas!

  9. Hi

    I started when a MILF girlfriend that I had when I was young would read cosmopolitan articles before having sex, then I noticed that the next girlfriends that I had had all magazines and soon I was asking them to bring cosmopolitan for the kamasutra articles, later on I hooked up with my future wife and although she initially liked it would later complain due to the mountains of magazines that I was piling up, I remember fucking like a possesed swiming in a pool of vogue and elle with natalia vodianova make up face looking at my dick or coming amazing loads on gisele’s face while she was wanking me, or browsing vogue beauty spain full of tits and asses and discussing with my wife about what I would do to the picture model or what I would do with that pussy in my mouth, man did I enjoy. After that I had experiences with call girls since it is hard for me to explain to a new girl how turned on I get with magazines and most if not all of them would think I am out of my mind, my current project is to actually contact a real vogue model and repeat the experience with her browsing her own magqzine pictures, I did contact a model who appeared in russian elle but she was not that hot and was reluctant, there are agencies where I found some girls who claim that appeared in vogue, elle etc but I am suspicious that it may be scam, just remark that my fetish MUST involve actual topless or naked pictures otherwise I dont care and I collect with much care those issues where you can see pubic hair like elle spain or vogue, and my favourite are marie claire spain with pictorials that can make hard a 300 years old corpse……

  10. I was about 9 or 10 when I found one of my moms old Victoria Secrets catalog. When I found it and started looking through it, I got immediately hard but I didn’t know about masturbation so I just kissed the beautiful models. Then I started getting teen magazines like m, twist, and sometimes j-14. I always was so excited to get them cause of Selena Gomez on the cover, and inside. When she was on a cover of cosmopolitan magazine, instantly got hard but my mom didn’t like me being around those magazines so I never got a copy. But to this day, I love cosmopolitan and sometimes I’ll get a teen magazine but vary rarely.

    By the way, if anyone has a Selena Gomez cosmopolitan magazine, good condition and willing to sell, I’ll take it off your hands

  11. My mom got Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Day when I got interested in them about 12 or so. THe covers were a turn on and I started masturbating with them everyday by stroking inside the magazine and pulling out before orgasm. then returning the magazine to my moms room. She caught on to me doing it and encouraged me to do it and got me more magazines!!! Said it was “safe sex” !!!!

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