Many moons ago, I joined Gromet’s Plaza and wrote some 150 fantasy stories, mainly about trashcan but also many transformation stories where I discussed my desire to become a woman’s magazine. I also wrote giantess, vore, doll, buried, machine, bound stories.

Although, I had my fair share of critics, I also had a number of friends.

Then one day, another author plagiarized one of my stories. When I complained, Gromet was reluctant to delete, and only intervened when this other author became hostile.

I had said that IF Gromet could not protect author’s copywrite, then I wanted my stories removed. But as Gromet DID protect my story, so there was no need to delete. However, Gromet did so, either out of spite or misunderstanding. This deleted all my story feedback too, which, naturally upset me.

Then I wrote trashcan stories under the name Polythenewrappedme. However, I got fed up being told what I could not write, so I left a second time.

I know the person and others were instrumental in setting up this site, for fellow women’s magazine fetishists and enthusiasts. I am glad that my fantasy stories inspired others. Like many of you, I thought I was alone.

Well done for all you have achieved.

I can only apologise to my fans who miss me. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I hope I won’t receive too much hate mail. (I can always disappear a third time. LOL !)

But if any of you want to chat, without the hate, you now know where to find me. I have been in the background for 6 years reading this site.








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    1. My stories came from different inspirations.

      One such inspiration was a chap who took a photo of his girlfriend’s Cosmopolitan Magazine, in her handbag, and “I” was taken to a hairdressers and left. What bliss. I do remember the chap’s real name, but I shall not mention it here, in case he blushes. LOL !

      1. my girlfriend often sends me pictures of her magazines what she does with them. sometimes she throws it away or lends it to friends. they also know about the fetish of mine. they also send pictures of the magazine. they often bully me and put it in the trash and send me a picture. my girlfriend often reads the LINDA. Cosmopolitan Grazia OK Vogue Bazaar Allure InStyle and much more.

          1. I also let them read your stories. they have a lot of ideas from there

  1. you were never alone me and a friend of mine have the same fetish. and I have 3 more people on the internet who also have this fetish. I miss your stories very much they made me so happy. but that hatred you’ve had is no fun and I never knew this. but when I was little you were my hero!

    1. This desire started when I was very young. My mother often got given Woman’s Own Magazine and Woman Magazine from her sister, my aunt. I loved the scent and silkiness of the glossy paper, and pretty pictures. Much later I discovered ASMR, and realised that I also liked listening to the pages being turned. Sometimes, I would be taken to a launderette or ladies hairdressers and see piles of women’s magazines for the customers to read and enjoy, while they passed the time. I imagined being shrunk and falling inside a magazine, unbeknown to the lady reader, who, whilst reading the magazine, would trap and squash my body inside. Later, I invented fantasies, where I knew a witch who could magically transform me into a women’s magazine, either as a punishment, or to humiliate me as she would give me to other women to be held, used and fondled. All the while, I would be terrified of being accidentally torn or deliberately cut with scissors as the reader cut out a coupon or voucher. When I went to the dentist, I saw heavier glossy monthly magazines, like Woman’s Journal. Of course reading them was ‘strictly forbidden’ as these were for women only. It took till I was 16 to ask my mother for her magazines. But despite the heart palpitations summoning the courage to ask, she refused. She would prefer to give them to neighbours or hairdressers. Eventually, I asked again, saying if she would not give me all 30 magazines, would she let me have 3. She reluctantly gave in. So 3 Woman’s Own Magazines became mine. I had to hide them away, but there was no privacy. Even my bedroom door, had glass in it, so you could see what I got up too. I did manage to buy magazines and smuggle them home. But one day she cross examined me, saying that I should not buy in case a shop owner filmed me and blackmailed me ! I turned the tables on her, and asked why she was telling me this. Naturally, she could not admit she had found my stash inside a bag, inside a suitcase, at the bottom of wardrobe. For then she would have to admit, that she had gone snooping. Buying women’s magazine also gave me another high of adrenalin, as I had to pay for the magazine at the counter and watch the girl serving me, smile as I handed her the magazine to get bar code scanned. The male shop keepers were mostly nasty, and used to shout across to colleagues “How much is this Vogue ?” when it was obvious from the price on the cover. I have bought various weekly and monthly magazine titles regularly, and despite having two massive clear outs, I still have over 23,000 magazines. In later life, I met a girl who bought me a subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine, and I have several ladies who are happy to sell me their old magazines. They get to ‘recycle’ and make some money; and I get their lovely magazines. Win/win.

      1. Dounds like a fairly similar story to my own. I was also brought up having them in my life from an early age and something that’s never left me. Where abouts are you btw?

  2. Hi Jackie. I am in Britain.

    Love the Woman’s World Magazine cover that you use. I would guess it is the UK version from around 1986 – 1990.

    I had a girlfriend that used to buy Woman’s World back then. She was happy for me to read her magazines, but I was far too shy to agree, although I suspected she knew. Sometimes I used to buy the same issue she did and imagine I was it, and she was me.

    I even managed to find some on ebay, including a first edition from 1977. But the type font used in the title of your magazine is later.

    Feel free to chat anytime.

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