I was at my local magazine shop today as always and there on the shelf she was sitting waiting for me. When I saw her face I knew I had to get her.

89 Swedish crowns was well spent because when I got home I ripped of the plastic and opened the glossy magazine I was greeted with a smell I’ve been looking for a long time to experience.

Long story short I came to page 44 to a picture of my celebrity crush Billie Eillish. My whole body was pulsating because of the orgasm and the magazine was instantly put on my belly giving me a feeling I’ve never ever felt before.

I love you Billie Eillish!❤️

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  1. Yes I know the feeling, it is owerwhelming indeed. And I love the pay-off reaching to orgasm.
    I do not know how it is for you, but for me I get so aroused and horny when I choose my magazines and pays for them.

  2. Did you damage the magazine when you had orgasm? How long do your magazines last when you use them this way? For me I would love that Elle magazine the death in about two days!

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