my wife and i always have a great time moving around in these ceracters of the people in this story do more couples have that?

Taylor was a girl who liked to be pampered, who liked the finer things in life. She loved leafing through the fat, glossy magazines full of adverts looking for beautiful handbags and heels she could barely afford. When she could save up to buy one expensive statement piece from her favourite catalogues, she felt powerful, a boss bitch, for weeks strutting her stuff and showing off.

Jacob was a simple man who liked fantasy football, dungeons and dragons and easy to cook food. He never spoiled Taylor excessively, but thought he provided for her and gave her everything she needed in their small studio apartment. He wasn’t particularly nerdy, neither was he a meatheaded ‘bro’, just an average guy.

Ne day, Taylor walked in to the living room to see her boyfriend on the couch still in front of the TV. After hours of dropping hints that she’d like to go out, dance, see people, still, here he was. “Sometimes I think I’d be better off with a girlfriend instead … not only would you be smarter and more attentive to my needs, you’d be prettier to look at… that gives me an idea.” And she waved her hands, making his body start to change.

Jacob was startled, he looked down at his shifting body. “What the fuck? You’re turning me into a girl?”

“Not quite …”

His body was shrinking, his height compressing … but the magic wasn’t reshaping his form to accentuate his hips or chest … instead it was making him flatter! What was happening to him??

“What are you doing??” gasped Jacob, as the air rushed out of his rapidly shrinking lungs.

“Just making you a bit more beautiful to look at …”

He saw Taylor growing, growing, impossibly big. She towered over him, an Amazonian figure. She looked different from below; her legs looked thicker, muscular, her breasts seeming to stick out more from her torso, her face disdainful as she looked down at what he was becoming.

Jacob tried to cry out for help, but he couldn’t! His mouth wouldn’t move! It felt totally flat … in fact, his whole body felt flat, and smooth …. he tried to move one arm, then the other, and his fears were confirmed: he was totally immobile! Whatever Taylor had turned him into, was something that couldn’t move on its own.

She picked him up off the couch, carressed his smooth pages, her fingers gliding over his glossy form.

“MMMmmm, much better than a boyfriend … a pretty magazine! You look so much nicer, and you don’t complain any more, either. I am your owner now.”

It couldn’t be true .. he couldn’t be a magazine … he was a person! But her didn’t feel like a person, as she carried him to their bedroom, and lay down on the bed, spreading his spine wide.

Taylor licked her finger, slowly, sensuously. She reached out and grabbed Jacob by one of his pages, flipping it carelessly. He shivered from the touch. She reached up, licked her finger again, and turned another one of his pages. Oooh, he moaned. His owner kept going, turning the slick pages that made up his body with her moistened finger sticking to him. She made little noises, ‘Hhmm,’ as she contemplated the images within. Soon Jacob could think of nothing else; his mind totally occupied by the thin sheets of his existence being pinched by her delicate fingers and flipped from one side to the other. 

Taylor stopped, thinking. “Now where was that handbag …” She was on a page towards the back of Jacob. She took the majority of his pages in one hand, bent him, and released them, making his pages flutter back rapidly. Jacob was stunned by this new feeling, almost like being shuffled like a deck of cards, his mind flickering as the many pages of his body flitted through her fingers. “Ah-ha,” and she stopped. “There it is.” Taylor had found a particularly gorgeous Dior arm bauble; she roughly turned over the corner of the page, creasing Jacob’s page, marking it. “If only you’d bought me something like this … maybe you’d still be human, and not my magazine,” she grinned. She threw him down on her bedside table.

“Mmm, maybe I don’t need you any more, now I found that really nice handbag …” She picked up the helpless magazine that was Jacob, leafing through him to her favourite page, getting a good grip … “ I can just tear this page out and throw the rest of you in the recycling!” No, please don’t tear me! Yelled Jacob. “Or better still, the shredder!” 

Nnooo! You can’t do this, you bitch! Jacob was trying to yell at the top of his lungs, but no sound came out of his flimsy paper body.

“It would be a shame to waste you though … perhaps I’ll give you to my little sister. She’s almost 11, and she loves making collages of girly clothes and fashion … she’s always cutting out cool pictures she finds in old magazines!”

What the fuck?? You can’t cut me up!! Please, turn me back!

“Nah, I think I’ll keep you a little longer. I know, I’ll take you to my girlfriend’s place. Maybe she’ll want to flick through you.”

Girlfriend?? Jacob’s mind raced as he lay inanimate on the table. Did she mean a girl who was her friend, or … did Taylor have a secret lover? He waited, stewing, as she stripped and went into the hot shower. Had she already been unfaithful to him, before … he had become … this? 

Taylor exited the shower, towelled herself perfunctorily, leaving her body still wet and dripping. “Take a good look, paper boy … you’re going to be doing a lot of looking, but no touching, ever again.” As she spoke, she traced the curve of her pert breast, down her side to her wide, wet hips. Taylor grinned at the pathetic magazine that used to be her boyfriend, then dried herself fully and reached for the underwear. Jacob’s fears were confirmed; she was pulling on her sexiest outfit, a combination of garters, crotchless lace panties and a sheer bra that showed a dark hint of her nipples through its curves.

“If you’d been man enough to take care of me, maybe you could have got this treatment again,” she purred at him. 

She slipped on a silky black dress, with a plunging back and thigh slits that offered cheeky glimpses of her garters. 

“How do I look?” she asked, giving a twirl. Poor Jacob could see how the material hung loosely on her chest, how it cling to her curved back and waist. “Oh right, you can’t talk. Well, consider this a reminder of what you lost.” She grabbed Jacob, rolling him up, and opening her purse. There’s no way I’m fitting in there, thought the thick magazine. And he was right; Taylor struggled, twisted his glossy form, shoving him deeper into the dark purse, but it wouldn’t close.

“Hmm. You’re just too big … never thought I’d say that!” Taylor thought, and reached in, pulling out a stuffed toy keyring. She had carried it with her ever since Jacob had won it for her on their first date. “Bye bye!” she said gleefully, dunking it in the trash. Then she took Jacob, rolled him even tighter, and rammed him into the purse, dragging the zip closed. Some of his pages were caught and torn by the zip. Hey! That hurt! He cried. “Oops,” giggled Taylor, and left out the front door.

Walking Down the street, she was intoxicated by the thought of what she had done. She had a man in her purse; her pathetic, useless loser of a boyfriend, reduced to a little pile of paper and glue! “Jacob, my little paper prisoner …” She tried to ignore these thoughts, that were making her feel hot and bothered … she had a date to get to! But after a minute, the temptation was too strong. She needed release! Taylor turned 180, and dashed back to her apartment, slamming the door and hiking up her dress. She took little rolled up Jacob out of her purse, and ran him along the side of her crotch, making sure he could feel the lace. “Mm,” and she began teasing her clit with him. 

Jacob felt the soft folds of her like he never had before; he was powerless to move, even breathe; just being rubbed slowly along his former girlfriend’s sex. He could feel the tips of his pages tickling her most sensitive place, hear her growing arousal … was she more turned on by him as a magazine? He had never heard her make noises this passionate and loud when he had been human … “Oh yes, I love you like this …” It was true! 

Taylor wrapped a hand tightly around him, teasing her slit with her other hand, making sure it was wet, and then slid the magazine inside. She buckled from the pleasure of feeling it enter her, slowly adding more and more until the majority of the glossy rod was inside her snatch, and began massaging her clit as her magazine slave slid in and out of her. 

Oh, God…” Jacob heard her cry, even as he was thrust inside her pussy. He could feel the damp, warm walls of her, but felt no pleasure; it was nothing like having his cock inside a woman. He just felt scared, and useless, wondering what his owner would do to him next. The ray of hope he clung to was that if she enjoyed masturbating with him, maybe she would keep him around for a while. Whether he could persuade her to become human again, though …

His thoughts were interrupted by Taylor’s scream, and a hot, wet jet … of cum! She had cum on him! The little magazine was amazed by the new feeling, as the woman it was inside lay panting and sweating. Slowly, she regained her senses, and withdrew Jacob. 

“Oh no, I’ve got you all wet!” she grinned. Luckily, the glossy cover pages had taken most of the juices; after a quick wipe, he was (mostly) clean, and ready to go back in his mistress’ handbag, while she cleaned herself up. 

Soon they were on the road again after the little interruption, Taylor striding purposefully, flushed and smirking from what she had just done. 

She arrived at a brownstone and knocked. Alexa opened the door; a short, thick blonde with dark roots and piercings. She was wearing a long T shirt and not much else. “Hey, sugar,” she said, “come on in.” Taylor did. 

“I have a present for you.” said Taylor, producing the rolled, crumpled magazine.

Alexa scoffed. “Hey, new toilet paper. Nice,” and threw him on the coffee table.

Jacob shuddered at this. She couldn’t be serious, could she? He pondered his fate, as Alexa and Taylor kissed hello passionately.

“Drink?” asked Alexa. She returned with a bottle of champagne, and popped it. A few crops spilled onto Jacob. “Oops, sorry, I ruined your lovely present,” chortled Alexa. 

“Don’t worry, it was halfway ruined already. It’ll make a good coaster.” And the two girls places their glasses on him, Jacob feeling the liquid soaking into him, making him soft and easy to tear.

They alternated between sipping the fizz and kissing for a while, getting more and more handsy, before Taylor broke away. 

“There’s something else you can use this for.” She moved the glasses, picked up Jacob, and rolled and inserted him again into her wet snatch. “No way, let me try,” said Alexa. Soon the two women positioned themselves so Jacob’s rolled up form could fit inside both of them, working as a double ended dildo. 

“Fuck, this feels good,” panted Alexa, her generous tits bouncing under her shirt as the magazine thrust in and out of her. Jacob felt both women wrapped around him, their lips gripping his thick paper form. He could see nothing; all he knew was the inside of the woman he had once loved, dark and warm, and her lesbian lover. Trapped, unable to move an inch, the powerless man-turned-magazine heard and felt them both noisily climax.

After some time basking in post-orgasm daze, Taylor rolled over and whispered in her lover’s ear. “I have a secret … you remember Jacob?” 

“That loser?” 

“Yes, exactly … well I managed to find a better use for him. He’s that magazine we just used.”

“You’re telling this is really him?” Alexa stared in wonder at the dripping, crumpled magazine lying on the couch. “Can he hear us?”

“Yes, he has all his senses. He just can’t move or speak.”

“Wow that’s fucking hot,” breathed Alexa. She slowly removed her shirt, revealing her pale, round breasts and wide pinky-brown nipples.

“Not just a guy’s cock between my tits … a whole guy!” Alexa picked up the magazine, slowly lid it between her bosom … it was still a little slick with the juice of their earlier session. She had big, rolling, soft tits, and Jacob was pressed between them, surrounded by them. “Is this the best motorboat ever or what?” she said to the helpless transformed man, sliding him up and down her cleavage.

“How about a lap dance, big guy?”

Jacob was soon crushed under her plump ass; Alexa gyrated and twisted her booty, crumpling his pages, crushing and folding him. Ow, stop it! He moaned, but the feisty pawg continued her lapdance, grinding on his paper body, oblivious to his complaints.

At last, Jacob felt her leave. Alexa bent over, exposing her rounded tush to Taylor. “Hit me,” said Alexa. Taylor obeyed, spanking her pale bum with an open palm. “No, no… use the magazine.” 

Taylor obeyed again, whacking Alexa’s booty full force with Jacob. His body shuddered with pain. “Again.” Oh no, he thought, before slamming into her behind. “Again.” The little magazine lost count of the stinging slaps he delivered, each one making his pages flutter. He was then whacked across her nipples, bent to an almost 90 degree angle, making his body strain, inserted into Taylor’s pussy again, for Alexa to suck on like a cock … the things they did to him seemed neverending.

After the two women had finally satisfied themselves fully, Alexa spoke up. “Well if I’m moving in, I want to make a suggestion for the decoration. Can we hang him up?”

“Babe, what a fantastic idea. Do you have a hole punch?” 

“First cupboard on the left.” Taylor found it, squeezed Jacob into its mouth, and slammed it down in the unresisting magazine. The circular blade went right through every page of him, causing him to scream in agony; a scream neither of the delighted girls could hear. There was a hole right the way through his body! Jacob, utterly stunned, lost consciousness from the shock and pain.

Waking up, the magazine felt something inside its body. Taylor had threaded a string through him, slipped the string on a hook … he was hanging above the bed! The bed that he had once called his, had once slept in, beside his lover … now he was inanimate, doomed to watch, as she took another woman into her bed. 

Taylor and Alexa loved the soul of the helpless Jacob watching them … they made love frequently and passionately, sometimes using, sometimes watched by the man trapped forever as a magazine.

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