Had some fun with a couple of old favourites and a new pair of leggings 😉❤😜

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  1. Would be great if you also had nice shiny patent handbags for carrying your magazines
    . A great tease when they’re popping out the the top folded etc. From a handbag a woman is carrying or over the shoulder.

    1. They really were, weren’t they? W wasnt a regular magazine that I would get, but it just had so much presence! They felt like it had so much purpose!

      I’ve bought a handful of W in the last couple of years, but it doesnt carry the same presence as the old issues!

  2. This is the hottest post on the blog EVER! I especially enjoy the last picture where the leggings and the magazine pages compete about being the most shiny one! And the cover of Elle is simply gorgeous.

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