Sep 112020

Had some fun with a couple of old favourites and a new pair of leggings 😉❤😜

  12 Responses to “I’m glossier than my magazines”

  1. Waow, love these pics!!! Thx a lot for sharing

  2. I have to agree…;)
    Amazingly sexy pics! Huge turn on.
    Would love to see it continue…
    Thanks for them!!

  3. Wow you’re hot. Super sexy as it says on the cover of Elle.

  4. I bought that issue of Elle when it came out, might still have it somewhere!

    Lovely photos Xx

  5. Would be great if you also had nice shiny patent handbags for carrying your magazines
    . A great tease when they’re popping out the the top folded etc. From a handbag a woman is carrying or over the shoulder.

  6. I really craved for those gorgeous thick W and Elle and Vogue and Bazaar glossies of yesta year, they were so enticing?

    • They really were, weren’t they? W wasnt a regular magazine that I would get, but it just had so much presence! They felt like it had so much purpose!

      I’ve bought a handful of W in the last couple of years, but it doesnt carry the same presence as the old issues!

  7. This is the hottest post on the blog EVER! I especially enjoy the last picture where the leggings and the magazine pages compete about being the most shiny one! And the cover of Elle is simply gorgeous.

  8. absolutely hot!!!

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