My girlfriend has stopped buying women’s magazines and we stopped practicing this fetish together. She has taken some rejection even and I could only keep a subscription to Elle for being free (otherwise we’re going to cancel it). She doesn’t even take them out of the packaging now and if I want to have some fun, I can only do it with the cover (luckily it also serves to protect them lol).

As we live in separate houses, I was able to buy magazines for me occasionally without her knowing (Vogue, Marie Claire, etc.) but it saddens me that I can’t do something together again. The same thing happened to someone? Any advice?

In the meantime, so that she doesn’t realize that I continue to cum on magazines (I find it more difficult to get in mood later) I only have fun anally. I love when I start dripping hands free on magazines and occasionally I do squirt all over the covers. This time it was Elle & Cara’s turn…



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  1. Well first of all it is important you accept her choise. But in the same time have her respect your fetich.
    Tell her you acccpet it but you are sorry about it.
    I can guess she is not normly buying/reading womans magazines, but make har understand it has the same effect on you, like when women dress in sexy underwear.

    Right now she is distance herself from it because she feel uncomfortble. Give her space but let her know, that evry time she does buys or read a womans magazine it is to please you.

    A good start for you could be, to du something for her, what does she likes? and fulfill her lusts.

    Good luck with it.


  2. ^ Great advice from Benedict. Plus, remember, it’s not all about you – as suggested, focus on her needs and get her feeling comfortable and happy in your relationship again.

    Hot pic of Cara’s mag, btw!

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