Sep 102019

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So yesterday i bought a bunch magazines for only about 15$. Most of them are Costume, but quite a few ELLE and Det Nye aswell. If you’re not familiar with Det Nye then it’s a Norwegian fashion magazine with the best paper quality like ever 😍. I would love to go through all the magazines right now and just share everything with everyone, but there are so many of them and i wouldn’t have time for that 😛. The pile of magazines with the vogue is filled with different magazines, and one of the magazines is just called MAG, and it’s like an old 2010 collection of an old magazine that doesn’t sell anywhere anymore, and i’ve never heard of it before. Looks pretty nice though.

I also kinda wonder, how do you usually buy your magazines? Cause this is the first time that i haven’t went to an actual store and bought them. Do you buy them online?


All little backstory to these magazines

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Here in Norway we have a website/app that acts as a marketplace where people can sell things for others to buy. I saw this beeing sold around where i live and had to get them. In total i got 52 magazines, but i might have thrown away about 7 or 8 of them cause they were not really fashion magazines and more about like food and furniture. So this is basically how i was able to get these magazines so cheap. 


The magazines 😍

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  7 Responses to “I’ve bought a bunch of magazines”

  1. God I’m so jealous. What an awesome haul

  2. Good buy!!! I have bought lots on ebay before here in America. I am actually getting 2 Italian Elle magazines next month (from the late 2000’s so you know we are talking quality)

  3. Oh yes Italian ELLE was a gorgeous giant glossy with 900 odd pages back early 2000’s?

  4. Nice post – thanks!

  5. Many second hands online site you can buy these magazines for cheap. This is how i have more than 1500 mags and i change them continously.

  6. omg they look so thick and glossy, i’m so jealous.

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