Hi everyone, I’ve been following and reading this blog page for at least 6 months now and thoroughly enjoy some of the content posted, and it’s interesting and reassuring to have a place where I can relate to people feeling the same way I do! I have recently opened up to my girlfriend about how women’s fashion magazines turn me on etc, and she has been more supportive than I could’ve ever imagined and has agreed to read one while we fuck. Interested if anyone else has had a similar experience they would like to discuss below, that’s all for now. Keep glossy 😉

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  1. Marry that woman! I have a huge collection of Cosmo’s and finally came out to her about them a few years ago. I also revealed that I cross dress. She’s OK with the Cosmo’s, but not OK about me cross dressing. I have to do this when she’s not around and she at least accepts this. I have Cosmo’s everywhere at home and she reads them sometimes. She’s even watched me masturbate whilst looking at them. I would LOVE to make love to her whilst she’s reading one of my Cosmos but that may just be too wild for her – she’s a bit on the conservative side.

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