Last night I felt a little horny while in bed so I grabbed two magazines, Elle December and Damernas Värld October issue and started pleasuring myself.

I went on Snapchat where this girl I am friend with sent me some sexy nudes. I responded by sending some of myself but with one of the magazines wide open on my body. The girl asked me if I was masturbating to the magazine and I said yes. She then asked me if I could send her a video of myself where I showed her how I masturbated to the magazine. Oh boy did the magazine feel good whilst doing that.

She then sent a video of her pleasuring herself. But the best part of it is the fact that in her video she was reading a sex education textbook that she’d gotten from school. She did exactly the same things with the book like I was doing with my Damernas Värld magazine. She slowly slides it over her breasts and her beautiful belly while silently moaning.

This was literally one of the hottest nights I’ve ever had with a magazine or high school yearbook🥵

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