Hello everyone, long time lurker here decided to finally sign up for an account. just want to drop in and say hi.

I first found out about this site when there was still only 30-ish pages worth of posts. There’s about 84 pages now, so yeah quite a long time ago. Never really bothered to make an account due to, well, reasons. But I’ve been noticing some uptick in posts frequencies and new members, so I said “why not”.

Now, I’ll be frank, I’m not really into magazines. I mean, magazines aren’t my main thing. I’m more into newspapers, and I’ve been here long enough to know that some people here don’t like newspapers due to them being too crinkly and whatnot. That’s fine, I’m down with that too.

Why newspapers? Well, that’s a very long story spanning the entirety of my life, with a variety of ups and downs, etc. But alas, I think this post is already too long at this point.

Really, just want to say hi. Also, sorry if this is the wrong place, I’ve been here for so long but never really paid attention on posting rules etc (I’ve read the basics though).

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  1. Hi! Welcome here !

    Don’t worry you are more than welcome here. It is true that the majority of us dont like newspapers, but we definitely understand that people can have other fetish. And fortunately, otherwise the world would be sad !

    I personaly also like newspapers, as much as glossy mags. I am just very strict about which one I like. So far I could only found 2 titles that match my criteria: The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph. Unfortunatly they don’t sell it anymore since many months here in France.

    1. I see. Yeah it’s rather unfortunate the state of newspapers these days, may of them either went fully online, or started to become very thin or use lower qualtiy papers (trust me, I could see the difference). But what can I say, like they said “we’re at the end of an era”

  2. My “fetish” started with newspapers. In the UK there was a “news of the world” which, in the late seventies was a much larger format broadsheet. Not really sure when it changed to magazines instead, probable with a constant stream of magazines both my sister and mother brought into the home I guess, coupled with my growing interest in girls along with 80s fashion and beauty…..

    1. I guess it’s safe to say newspapers were the proverbial gateway to our interests. Same here, newspapers were plenty and everyone used to subscribe to them, so it’s easy to get my hands on. But, unlike you, I never graduated to magazines, at least until these last few years when I’m starting to think use magazines as a replacement to the ever-dwindling supply of good newspapers.
      Hell, maybe I should talk about my history one day, after all it spanned my entire life

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