Hello friends!
Thank you very much for reading this post!
From a very young age, I fell in love with fashion magazines.
I remember when I masturbated with my sister's magazines.
Now create a SECRET GROUP on facebook so you can upload your best pics of our fetish!
In the grupo im "Daniela" if you can, you can join by fake facebook profile or real..  we will enjoy and have fun, 
Please join and enjoy!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/171119213431048

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  1. The Idea is good, but I think most of us prefer the hidden identity this page provides. I personally is not ready to step out from the shadows yet.

  2. I see in your pic that you have ParaTeens magazine. I’ve seen them on line and they look amazing. Are they as good as they look? Who here knows them?

  3. The facebook page says clearly everybody can find the page and see who are all the members – so it is not private and not annonymus !!

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