Jan 102018


I posted a few months ago about selling some of my collection.

Have a new idea for selling off my precious mags.  Take a look at my website if anyone is interested in buying from my collection


(Fixed link!)

How does the idea sound?  I figured it would be a good way of adding to everyone collection, with a bit of variety from publications and locations.  If any of you are interested, let me know.  Put a mention in any communication on the website that you’re from here.  If…you have any fetish requests…maybe I can see what I can do about that! 😉


Have to mention too.  I am not only selling Elle Canada.  I try to collect anything that I can get my hands on!

  3 Responses to “Magazine Grab bag”

  1. link does not work !

  2. I confirm, the link doesn’t lead to any page.

  3. Oh no! Had a typo. Fixed link!