When i walks in to a store i constantly looks at the shelf of magazines. I i see a sexy girl on the cover i buy it. No matter what i just buy it. I feel that tickling feeling in my stomach and the thoughts in my head is simple. I am gonig to masturbate and cum on it. Sometimes i cum inside and sometimes on the cover.  Some magazine issues for me is marked as a “holy grail”. I like to masturbate to it over and over again. To manage this i prepare the mag with a cum protector. I use a resealable zipbag big enough for the mag.

I really want to know how oyur magazine rituals i like?. All from buying of the mag to the end.

You guys with wifes, how do you manage to masturbate to a womens magazine without wife knoing it?

Here is some of my favorite Amelia issues. Cant live without em!

Collection of Amelia Magazines

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  1. Actually, I “prepare” my ritual: I check first on Internet (everyday) what’s new on the newstands. And often, I download PDF version to check how it looks like inside as well. And then I decide which one I will buy.
    So when I go to bookshop, I know already which one to pick. If I see a woman picking some magazines, I like to stay longer, and take a magazine to flip next to her, to show “hey look, me too I read this kind of magazine!” :-p
    About cum, I rarely cum on them, because mostly, I want to keep them long and I don’t like too much to protect them. Its different, I don’t feel I need to cum on them too much, so I just cum on my body directly. But sometimes I do cum inside too.

    About my wife, I made it simple… Since I met her, I pretended to like “tabloid” and “people” magazine (which is mostly aimed for women actually). And step by step, I told her I like to read fashion magazine, so I kept buying more and more new… Like “ELLE” which is still look ok for a man to read, and then I started to buy 100% women’s magazine (like Amelia I guess). And finally, I admited I feel relax to masturbate when I read those magazine… Until I admited I totally fetishist of them!
    So now, no problem, I can even take one on the bed, and masturbate on it, rub on me, etc… I am very happy I could finally live the “hobby” I love the most totally freely, and not anymore hiding in the toilet in early morning to masturbate in secret eheh!

    Your collection of Amelia’s look very attractive, really appreciate. I can stay long watching your picture.

  2. I love it when the model on the cover smiles or laughs and some of these Amelia mags are just awesome! I too check the new mags daily from internet and buy them as often as I can. I also order some and buy lots from ebay etc. So I have a huge collection. Love other Swedish mags too, Damernas Värld and Swedish Elle are my favorites, but I have few Plaza Kvinna and Solo mags too and I would love to get some VeckoRevyn to my collection. Seen some of those covers and they blow my mind. Swedish and Japanese mags are my favorites. I am very lucky that my wife is ok with this and we almost always have some mags in the bed. Sometimes she reads them or licks the cover when I fuck her and then she tells me which mag I should cum on. Sometimes I read the mags and she gives me a blowjob. If I cum on the mag I always cum on the cover and clean it as soon as possible because try to keep my amazing mags shiny and in perfect condition.

  3. Nothing like new fashion magazines. The magazines at the news stands are better then the same mags that come in the mail.
    Why is this? The ritual her is to buy it, look at all the photos, smell it,read it and then rip it to shreds! Destroying the magazine
    is the turn on for me.

  4. Usually when I know a new Cosmo is due to come out I’m really anxious the night before. Prior to being married, I’d buy the new Cosmo the moment it was delivered to the store very early in the morning – first thing! If it was a cover I adored, I would not be able to stop buying issue after issue! It would then be quite a chore getting all those lovely Cosmo’s home and inside the house! I’d have them all over the house and on top of my bed. I’d masturbate with them in the backyard at night, in the bath and outdoors at a secret location in the bush. I adore pouring Johnson’s baby shampoo, baby oil and lotion all over my body when I masturbate with my lovely Cosmo’s. It gets quite messy, but feels divine!
    My wife knows all about my Cosmo’s and lingerie collection. She’s fine with it so long as it doesn’t effect our relationship – which it doesn’t. She sometimes reads my Cosmo’s, but I can’t cross dress in front of her. I’m sure she knows about me masturbating with my Cosmo’s as well, but hasn’t caught me yet.

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