Today I locked my cock up in a small chastity cage and went shopping for magazines. I’m still not comfortable with buying womens magazines in public, so I get very exited each time. The feeling of my cock trying to get erect when I reached the counter and handed over the magazine to the beautiful sales girl was amazing. I think my cheeks might have blushed a lot!

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  1. That sound super fun. I almost forgot how it feels to buy magazines in person, oh the rush… One of my dreams actually was to go with a cage and even a G-spot toy inside me. It’s also great fun flipping through magazines with this toy to drip page after page!

  2. My feelings exactly. I always got hard-on when buying a magazine. It is a bit of a struggle to hide it. I never thought of a cock cage, how does it feel in your pants and how does it feel when your cock grows inside it?

    1. Cock cages can be a lot of fun, and if you wear them underneath loose fitted pants, it’s not a problem.
      Getting an erecting while being locked up is quite uncomfortable, but if you are a submissive like myself, it only adds to the feelings of sexy arousal. Standing there with a womens magazine against your chest, trying to suppress the heightened sensations of your dick struggling in it’s cage is so embarrassing – and so HOT! Some people might stare at you, because you are a guy buying a women’s magazine, but the fact that they only know half the truth, is very exciting.
      That being said, you have to be careful about cock cages. Though it’s OK to feel discomfort and sexual frustration while trying to have an erection in your cage, it should never be directly painful. Once I got home and read my magazine, I got so excited, that I got a powerful hard on in the cage. But because this particular cage isn’t a straight tube but narrows at one point, the gland of my penis got trapped which was very painful. So I had to open the cage straight away.
      So if you buy one, make sure to read guidelines on size very carefully. And always have the key nearby.

      Cock cages are not unproblematic – but they are sure worth to try out!

  3. Thought about buying the magazine, but was not exited about the cover. Can you post some pictures of the inside magazine?
    also how is the cover on the Costume

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