Today I bought my favorite Danish magazine “Woman”, and inside the magazine was a lovely surprise – an envelope with a shining silver square on it! I became very exited because it combined the two things I love the most – glossy magazines and shining envelopes! It has always been a huge turn on for me, to see sexy female hosts holding glamourous envelopes a award shows. So you can imagine how I blushed, when I found the envelope inside the magazine! It felt like receiving an invitation to some saucy, naughty girls party – I felt so special and girly as I opened the envelope with a beating heart! Unfortunately the letter inside was quite dull: it was just a campaign for discount on a holiday trip followed by a not very aesthetic brochure. But the initial excitement was worth it all. And the magazine itself is wonderfull with lots of juicy sex-articles, beauty tips and embarrassing stories.

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