Apr 152019
Leather and magazine

Leather and magazine My two favourite fetishes.Lynda xxx

  8 Responses to “Magazines and leather”

  1. Looks very glossy and nice?

  2. Adele looks great smiling just waiting on some moisturiser..

  3. I assume you are from U.K.?? I love leather and your outfit and I have a huge collection of Hello magazine en Hola it’s spanish issue
    Maybe you like to meet? I can arrange and have place to stay in Belgium.

    • Thank you for the complement and the offer but i have a very kinky partner.
      I hope to post some more on here. Lynda

  4. Hi Chris, I’m UK and also have a huge collection of magazines including hundreds of HELLO magazines

  5. Thank you for the complements and glad you like the post and look forward to posting more of my me with my magazines, Lynda xxx

  6. Why is it so hard to put photos on here

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