Hey Guys,

I totally share the glossy magazine fetish. I am addicted to the beautiful fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmo and several other ones. I love the smell, the feeling on my skin, the feminin look and the beautiful pictures.

Due to I am married with my beautiful wife, I had to tell her the truth about my obsession. In the 6 years before our wedding, I lived my fetish without her but as we decided to move together and marry, I decided to tell her the truth. As I explained her my submission for fashion magazines, she was very astonished and a little bit shocked but it was not as weird for her as I expected. She read sone magazines when at the beach when we were on vacation and realized how this turned me on. Then, one day, she took a cosmopolitan into our bedroom and read the sex stories in the bed to turn me on and this really turned me on but I was missing the feeling of the magazines on my skin. My wish was to have them directly between us when having sex or that she rubs them on my cock or on her body but this was always a little bit to extrem to ask her. Then rhe day came were she laid an open glamour magazine on my cock after she read it in the bed and moving it up and down…I can tell you, I was so extremly excited that I came after seconds. Now, she is regulary using a magazine from time to time to give me pleasure and fun. Not always but sometimes and I love it and I am pretty happy wirh the situation. I just want to encourage you guys to be open wirh your obsession and not just dream of it your whole life or just playing with your glossies when you are alone.

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  1. I did also about a year ago. It’s going fairly well as it happens had a couple of moments with the misses, myself and the mags. Again yes it’s a bit bizarre but definitely more weird and worse thing folk get up to in sexual ways.

  2. It took me years to tell my wife. She found out by accident as I had been reading a few of my Cosmo’s outside and I left one on the table – argh!
    She of course found it and I had to explain everything. She did think maybe a neighbour had thrown it over the fence at first! Anyway, she had lots of questions which I had to answer. She was worried I was gay which I’m not. She was not happy to learn that I’m a crossdresser, but OK with this so long as she does not see me – which she since has by accident(on purpose!) a couple of times and she cracks it! She’s totally fine with by Cosmo collection and I have many of them in our bedroom and I red the sexy articles to her sometimes. She sometimes reads my Cosmo’s too. Every now and again I’ll be reading a Cosmo and she’ll start playing with my penis which is lovely – sometimes this leads to we making love, sometimes we’ll just masturbate together. So Cosmo has brought us closer together – at least now she knows my naughty fetish! She doesn’t know I walk around in public wearing my Cosmo dresses though!

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