Hey guys, finally figured out how to actually post properly on this page haha.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any videos of women inserting magazines into their pussies or arseholes. I’m straight so not interested in a guy doing this

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  1. Hi have seen a video of a woman mastrubating with a magazine, inserting it into her pussy and then tribbing the magazine squirting over it, but I was never able to find that video again.
    I have a very similar interest. Seeing a beautiful glossy being inserted in a wet pussy and then seeing here rub her pussy all over the girl on the cover’s face cumming on her.
    One day I will find the video or the same. I have thought about ExtraLunchMoney to put that in as a request, but haven’t been able to justify the cost of it $$$

  2. I have at least 12 videos with magazine insertions look at manyvids or clips4sale and linda grey masturbates by inserting mags even whole cosmo’s

  3. I’ve had quite a few customs made of girls wrecking porn magazines.. Pretty much everything you would see on google if you searched for such a thing, I had it made. There’s definitely somebody else out there getting a lot of customs made of glossy action the same way. Not my fetish-bullseye but a lot of those videos are hot.
    Using a magazine as a dildo.. well that is pretty rare. Very rare. In fact, I’ve had many a girl try only to report failure. Apparently, it’s painfully difficult. I have a couple of videos, but it’s porn mags, not glossies. It’s somewhat easier to get a paylady to crush pages into her pussy or ass. I couldn’t say whether that’s hotter or not. Some days, I just pray that way, but other days I don’t.

    And no I don’t share customs (or even purchased clips) while a girl is still working and trying to make money out of it. All the ones that got stolen and show up on google were where they sell them online and they get stolen quickly. When a girl has left the scene for a couple of years, I’ll generally leak a video out.

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