I picked up 3 CLEO magazines this morning, all of them the same issue. Bought it at a used books store. It’s an old issue, 2012. Was an impulse buy to be honest, the cover is quite decent.

One weird thing about those magazines that I just noticed is, the paper have some kind of “textures” on it. Like thousands of small bumps. Try running your hand on top of a cotton cloth, similar to that. I tried to compare it to a HELLO magazine and indeed, the HELLO’s pages are perfectly smooth while the CLEO is uneven. I have a couple of other magazines and none of them exhibits this texture.

I find the not-so-smooth surface of the pages to be a bit more enjoyable than standard smooth pages. The question is : do some magazines have these sort of “textured” pages, or is it simply due to its age? I’m kind of new to magazines, just got into it couple years ago, so excuse my naivety

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