In the mid eighties, I had cause to use the northeastern Amtrak corridor between Washington D.C. and Boston at least twice a month. Half the time I was able to decide when I wanted to leave and always would try to take the overnighter back to Boston or Connecticut or New York, where ever I needed to go.,

On these rides sometimes it would be 5 hours or so. People would be sleeping or just reading and talking softly. I would try some small talk with people if there were any interesting looking persons around where I sat. I developed a routine where I could open the magazine to the great photo inside of it and then place my cock out of my zipper and place it in the closed magazine on the picture. Then, I would be flipping through it and massaging my cock at the same time. This worked great and I got off a lot with this routine. Of course the cum dripped down into my pants a lot but I was pretty adept at standing up “reading “ an article while I exploded in the magazine.

This one night while on a ride to Boston, I was alone in a group of seating in the rear of one car, there was like maybe 4 others up towards the front of the car however I didn’t have any one around my general area. The train stopped at a place called Princeton junction and a college looking woman got into the seats directly across from me. She was about 24, brunette pony tailed hair, shiny hair, wore a denim skirt and sandals and had a white blouse on, a pretty smile and a sweet manner about her. She had glasses on and as we the train began to move she was “settling in”.

She looked over, smiled and said its like camping for a few hours, set up, pack up , go to where you got to go and do it all over again later. I nodded, she said without looking at me, “ good thing the bookstore was open”. With that she pulled a brand new harpers bazaar out of her bag. It was the new one for the next month, I had not seen it yet. It was an instant hard-on growing.

My eyes must have been feasting because she looked over and said, “you look hungry”, saying that she thought the café car was still open and that they had food. Yeah sure I agreed and nodded. I must have been drooling. Harper Bazaar in the hunt now. she was going to sit there and flip through that the whole ride. I just was so excited, I didn’t want to blow it. So I asked her if she wanted anything from the café car she looked up and smiled and said, ummmm maybe a coke or Pepsi if they have it, she dug some money out of her pocket and gave me a dollar and a quarter.

I looked on the seat next to her and she noticed my gaze…looking down she looked at the cover and then back at be, “hey I am here silly” getting my attention back. I went to the café car got our drinks then proceeded to come back. I forgot to tidy up and left my carry bag open so if she looked she would see I had a few vogues and one glamour in there. The most damning thing of all was a small bottle of baby oil and a hand towel. I thought of this as I made my way back to our seat and after giving her drink decided she hadn’t looked over at my bag.

I settled in and non-chalet watched as she settled in and took the entire two seats up back to the window. She lifted the arm in the middle and made herself a lounge of sorts. I watched her do this , she giggled a little and said she loved the way she could lounge out on these night trains.

With that I smiled and said, yeah but don’t fall asleep or you’ll miss your stop. She laughed. She then had her denim skirted legs up together on the adjoining seat and the knees where in proper pushed together form. She laid the harpers bazaar across her thighs and then began to open the pages and read or look in it. I was really like oh wow I love looking at her reading the harpers bazaar. I was getting a large erection.

I watched out the window and then decided I would just try to fall asleep because if I had made an advance she would probably spook and I didn’t need that. Well next thing she starts asking me questions like “did you ever look at this magazine before, Harpers Bazaar” I was like, “ummm aaaa well once, I think in a waiting room” she said “oh”………then for several seconds looked at her magazine then looked up.

She asked if she could ask my opinion on some things in her magazine. I was like “hold your self down boy” I mumbled out what I thought was “sure ok” She smiled and came over to sit next to me. Now she place the magazine between us and flipped through the pages, the pages opened to rest against my thigh she asked me about the model in the shoe advertisement then went to the lingerie model asking what my preference was, then she said “well why don’t you show me what they look like in your magazines” I was like “ummm …What!” she smiled reached down and pulled (just had to pull out this one) the Glamour magazine that I had pumped that afternoon, I hadn’t cum in it just yet but my “cockprints” were all inside of it.

She opened the magazine and flipped through it, “ummm so you like the models in the lingerie ads huh” she looked over at me then placed her hand on the bazaar magazine and moved it onto my lap. “have you ever tried Bazaar…NOW tell me the truth” I slowly said that I had then she asked what magazine was my favorite I managed all of them were.

She looked at the magazine “ummm these imprints, what …..did….this..OHHHH”. She asked me if I wanted to do the same to her Bazaar, I said very much. Now she said that I could however it would be done her way. I asked what she had in mind. With this she slid her hand under the Bazaar and felt my rock hard cock though my pants. She said first of all these pants got to come down. I had never been this forward before in the train so I said well how about just to my knees. She smiled giggled and said that’s fine. She then said, now laughing hard, oh by the way my name is Kylie, I told her mine and she just said, now this seem so much more comfy huh.

She played with my cock and it was so hard I told her my incredible excitement I get with women’s fashion magazines she said she loved them also but never imagined someone would actually do what she saw in the glamour magazine of mine she opened.

She now put the bazaar between my opened legs and then put my cock on a model in a silvery swimsuit editorial. I asked her “how did you know I love the shiny stuff” “just a guess” she said “I like that stuff”.

She now oiled her hands with some of the baby oil I had in my bag. She asked me if I loved the bazaar, “tell me how you love the magazine, how you want to love it” I was like what are you talking about then she reminded me about doing it her way and I obliged. She slowly moved the magazine up and down my cock, while she turned the pages and asked if I wanted to fuck this model in the dress ad or that one in the ad for furs. She ambled the magazine on my cock and asked if it felt good she asked me to beg her to keep it going.

Kylie was really adept at keeping the sound of our actions down and also very alert, when the conductor came around we just pulled up a blanket on us she acted like she was reading the glamour magazine which was still by her side.

The amount of sliding she performed to my magazine covered cock was incredible. She would open the magazine to a model, it was Paullina Porisivkova and then grab my cock and swirl it around the models clothes and face. She asked me if I wanted to splash her bazaar and how I wanted to do it. I told her to stop while I told her. She looked at me and smiled and nodded an ok.

Kylie got up smoothed out herself and went back to her seat. I with a lot of trouble and giggling from her put my cock back in my pants and gave bazaar back to her. She got up after about 10 minutes and went to the bathroom. I followed her a minute later. Now the bathroom of a train car isn’t the most stable place to even pee. However when you’re hot enough it’s the best place to do whatever you need to do.

Kylie was sitting on a small towel she brought in to put on the small sink. She was naked and at that I kissed her hot mouth and our tongues entwined and enabled a fire of sorts as I was kissing her she undid my pants they feel to the floor, underwear down as I now lowered my mouth to her pussy I began to lap her hot juices from her love tunnel.

She was beginning to moan and made a gesture to hurry a little she came heatedly. I stood up and she places the bazaar magazine over her breasts to the photo section I told her I loved. I entered her hot pussy my cock sank right into her and she thrust back I was told to lick the magazine and eat the model out . I fucked Kylie slow steady and deliberate. I was actually fucking Harpers Bazaar she said, she told me “ think like this is how all those high powered fashion women are, they want you to fuck them they want you to fuck their magazine!”

I fucked Kylie like that licking the pages she told me to lick biting her nipples along with that. I was so incensed and surprised when with her limber body she pushed me out and then somehow got her ass available to me told me to put the now sweaty bazaar on the top of her ass and fuck bazaar’s asshole. I slowly eased into her and began to slide into her ass soon the bazaar was being pressed between us as I shuddered to come. I thrust one mighty jolt and pulled out of her ass she turned around spread the bazaar on her and I cam in great gobs on the pages of the magazine , on her hair and her face and breasts she got my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry..

Then the knock on the door came I knew would come. “lets go, in there”. I got myself together and left the bathroom. The lady waiting to get in went in, to my surprise, Kylie didn’t come out!!!!

Turns out Kylie surprised the woman so much that the moment seized them both and the woman ended up eating Kylie out not wanting a return as she said she was on her period. Kylie must of told her what we’d been doing cause she came back before she got off the train and gave me a Cosmo and said “here I am done with it, have fun, bet you’d like to do the one on page 184” SHIT!!! I was surprised then about that (PG 184 had an editorial about firm breasts and the model was there and ./…well…so were her breasts.

Anyway Kylie eventually gets back to the seats. Tells me the woman gets her off and asks me how I felt. She said it was a freaky thing she did and it was great. She put the now ruined bazaar in my bag. Lip locked me and told me she had to go up front for a minute. (I hadn’t noticed she had the rest of her bags in a seat up front) with that she turned once as she walked away and told me in a whisper “ Vogue-Me sometime” smiled and that’s the last I ever saw of her.

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  1. Oh my God! I came so intensely while reading this story. Please please please write some more. I love Harper’s Bazaar so much. It’s my best friend. It’s my best lover

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