I had been masturbating to my sisters Cosmo’s and Glamours for several years . I was kinda feeling like she was like stupid or something, never once putting the combination together about why sometimes her mags were like they got wet or sometimes pages stuck together.

There were other instances I remember at my aunt house, I was alone one day there for about four hours. My aunt had so many old penthouse “VIVA’s and Cosmopolitians around I could not help but want to do them. I remember fucking two specific Cosmo magazines on her kitchen counter. I used margarine fer a lube and showered the cosmo covers so much I was afraid to put them back where I found them. So I threw them out.

Of course back when it began I would magazine fuck my moms old glamours and redbook covers, if they were good enough to use. She wasn’t a real fashion person though, I remember I only ever mag fucked 2 or 3 glamours at best from her. She didn’t get them.

For awhile as a second job I cleaned offices. Oh boy what a thrill it would be in the middle of the month when all the new monthly issues would appear on the desks of the womens offices I cleaned one woman had the Elle magazines all over her desk , in the drawers and on the shelves. There were like 13 or 15 total. I fucked her magazines almost every week, some weeks almost every night. I got bold a couple of times and exploded all over her elle magazine covers. Which I wiped. Once I came in a torrent inside of her warm pussy like, hot March Elle. God I fucked that mag that night.

Other times lets see, along with the cleaning, I also did doctors offices to which I fucked many a Glamour or seventeen magazine on the couches of unsuspecting waiting rooms. I loved loading up the covers and the insides when I came in them.

Sometimes I would drive far out in the country and have a backpack and go off down a trail and then off the trail into the deep wood just to have myself a magazine fuck party. I would place the magazines on trees open to the pages of my desires and then put oil all over my body and then put on long slips and camisoles , I had made it so the slips had a small 4 inch vertical slit in the right height so my cock would get exposed.

I would come up to a magazine on the tree sometimes id have one tacked at eye level too. I would like or suck or kiss the eye level one while my cock would explore the realms of the lower one. I would come and lace it allover the entrants n my magazine contest. It was a fantasy and fun too. I would spend probably 5 hours in the wood.

I also was a custodian for a time at a large clothing manufacturer. I had the district offices. Boy, there was this one female executive that had cosmo on the brain. She had a large poster of a great cosmo cover behind her desk. I fucked that poster one night in the administration board room. It was great, first, I had one of those pocket masturbators …I duct taped this to the large conference table. Then all around that “zone” I put books then laid the poster over it . I licked the poster in the right area until I could feel it was ready to break theough, then I “broke” it in with my cock as I hovered over the models image and fucked her silly. The poster, I mended it as best I could. Not a word was ever said.

Other times, lets see…….hmmmmm . I met a woman at a bar one night, we went to her place to do the deal. She was so tired and drunk she fell deep deeply asleep as I was eating her pussy. I let her sleep the night away while I gazed and fucked her collection of Vogue and Self magazines. I came in these and left them. I came in about 5 of them. I remember, hey I will never see her again, so I really was nasty with my cum. I remember I fuck one self magazine standing right infront of her sleeping smelly naked body. I put the magazine right next to her face and sprayed the cover model. It was a hot scene as I watched the entire thing unfold in her half wall mirrior. It was a hot night for me. I was out of there without even waking her up.

Thinking ok, ………other times, you really want to know. I had a job very briefly at the major quick stop chain store “7-11”, I had the overnights. I would take home new issues of Vogue, Bazaar and Elle fuck them, explode in them, then return them to the shelves the next night.

I would watch when women would try to look though them. Finding the stick pages and wondering then….CLICKING, most would just put it back and bail. Others would look through the rest and you could almost tell they were trying to decide if it was really what they thought it was. One even sniffed the pages,

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      1. when you worked at 7-11 where there ever young women buying magazines, you would not expect them to buy? or did they ever talk abourt their magazines before they bought them?

        1. No, sometimes in the morning I’d see a well dressed woman or two picking them up. Most women I would guess I’d they are regular readers have it delivered

  1. Oh Yes, I loved to fuck SELF magazine too beside COSMO, VOGUE, ELLE BAZAAR, SEVENTEEN and others like GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, SELF is No longer in print sadly but I fuck my collection of them,

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