So I know a while ago we had a moan about OK magazine. So true ot has changed reduced in size the paper type of the cover and inside also.

But I mean but. I recently got the chance to have skme fun with these.

First the covers are actually very smooth just like More, Grazia, and Look. Also every copy just about has 4-5 really good portrait shots like shown..They are very inviting.

Lastly sometimes we talk about the smell or aroma. Recently the smell from OK has been off the scale. When I’ve smelled the cover or opened the first page it’s so intense I have a rock hard cock. Honestly I wish it could be bottled like a perfume. Or I knew how to recreate it. I definitely burst out with some long hot thick shots when I finish, usually after an initial first burst of spray that dots all over the page. Honestly it’s a while since any magazine or editorial about a model or celebrity has made me this horny.

Anyways take care all and happy wanking!!

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  1. Great pictures, gonna have to check that mag out soon. But why did you start your post with the word so? Why has everyone suddenly started doing that? It’s so irritating!

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