I’ve seen a few others that have done this, but when there is a magazine with a particular girl on the cover that really does it for me, even if the magazine itself is aimed at those of an older age, I just go a bit mad and have to buy up every one I can find! Just bought 40 “My Weekly” magazines for that Samia Longshambon (UK soap actress) cover!

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  1. I have done that too. I have bought an entire suitcase of the same magazine. Sometimes I fantasize that I am looking at an entire stock due to be put out on a display stand. Other times, I cannot see them returned to the wholesaler to be pulped.

  2. My record is over 200 Cosmo’s bought over one night! That’s how in love and obsessed I am with Cosmo. This would happen the night Cosmo was being delivered to convenience stores so I would get them first and buy bundles of them. The store workers would get to know me and get more in for me to buy which was cool. I so used to love walking out of a shop with an arm full of love Cosmo’s. Sadly, this happens no longer as Aussie Cosmo went out of print four years ago. 🙁

    1. I can understand that. Im not sure I’ve ever had such a love for one particular title, its just down to the overall look of them sat on the shelves calling to me. Then it just snowballs to travelling around and buying all I can from bigger stores in all the nearby towns. Very satisfying though x

  3. That’s mad! (In a good way). I seldom buy several copies of the same issue, only if that issue has a very interesting stuff in it.

    I only buy multiple copies as a backup so if one gets ruined after some use (which is a certainty if it’s a good one), I’d still have one in pristine condition. Even then I usually only buy 2 or 3 copies max.

    The most “insane” buy for me was “only” 7 copies of the same issue. That issue was a one of a kind, so I bought all of them on the newsstand. I thought “there’s no way I would use up all of them”. And of course I did use them all eventually. I remember having this debate in my mind whether to use the last copy I had, it was between keeping a piece of history or getting an insanely good sensation (the last 6 before that always gave me unmatched experience). The lust got into me though and I used that last copy to its absolute limits, it was one hell of an act, worthy enough for me to lose that final copy forever.

    Even like a decade later I still wonder, maybe someone somewhere still have a copy of that issue. And yes, sometimes I felt I should’ve kept the last one and just use other random burner issue, but eh it’s too late now.

    1. I cant even begin to explain why I feel so compelled to do this. If my partner ever found them and asked why, id have now logical reason for this at all. Bit as soon as one of my favourites comes up again, I know ill be doing it all over again …

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