When I was about 14 years old I found out I was aroused sexually by fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, etc.
Since then – until today, I’ve been accumulating a nice collection of fashion magazines.

I often jackoff while looking at the photos of the models in a bunch of magazines that I spread around me and on my body.ย Then I would rub the magazines against my naked body and slide them on my genitals, smell and lick the glossy pages, enjoining the feeling I get from their weight and thickness. The quality of the paper, size and weight are very important for me. I get the best thrills with the biggest and heaviest glossy issues of Nippon Vogue, the Italian & Russian Vogue, Italian Marie Claire & Amica, UK Elle, LOVE magazine, V magazine, AnotherMagazine, POP, and other fashion mags.

Important part of my deviation is also fantasizing while doing my thing with the magazines. Usually it’s about a fashionable pretty woman reading/holding a thick glossy fashion magazine, sitting close to me or lying in bed next to me. She starts getting aroused by the magazine (like myself), presenting it to me and starting making love to me while telling me dirty stories about the models in the photos, rubbing the magazine against her body and my body, shoving the open magazine in my face and ordering me to lick and sniff the glossy pages.
Then we change roles and I order her to do the same to my magazines while she is riding on top of me.

I have some great stories to share regarding this wild fetish of mine. Please ask me anything.
I am also very much interested in women’s opinions about this fetish, and welcome you ladies to write and share your views, desires and experiences regarding my story.

My Fashion magazine fetish



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    1. Highly recommended !
      They are of a bit bigger format than US Vogue & US Elle, very glossy, and sometimes they also have perfumed pages – great feel and thrill.

  1. I have the exact same fetish! I LOVE covering myself in fashion magazines while I masturbate to them, and sniff the pages, and rub the sexy glossy pages all over myself! I love cumming all over the covers of the magazines and then licking them clean too!

  2. Oh yes I am obsessed with all those gorgeous international glossies, I would love to be perfumed all over and then totally encapsulated within the glossies fashion and beauty pages absorbing the sweet scented aroma from those slick soft feminine pages as I am fed French Elle orally to become a gorgeous glossy both inside and out as I enter fashion magazine heaven.

  3. Oh man, glossy heaven just bought a copy of new woman magazine on ebay with j lo on the cover, gonna have some fun with that, infact this website makes my cock erect, need some more pics women reading glossys, also bought a copy of uk Cosmo from 2000 for 99p which I’ve been looking for ages,keep up the good work & keep wanking.

  4. Great pic’s! I know what you mean about feeling the weight of the mag’s on your body. I love to feel my Cosmo’s on my chest when I masturbate. With newer issues, sometimes I go out into the bush with a few and pour baby oil and lotion all over myself whilst laying on top of a lot of Cosmo’s – I call it Cosmo love making – it’s heavenly! Sometimes I may bath with a few Cosmo’s – pouring Johnsons baby shampoo all over myself – divine!

  5. I have this fetish too…

    I like Mostly the shipping house catalogues.

    In the last years i go more to the Websites of this Shop to save there some Fotos who turn me on

    Especially i like it when women wear lingerie with an opened cardigan

    Im Not interested im porn only this fashion Model thing..

    I search for someone who wants to Talk about that with me

  6. Wow, it is great knowing I am not alone on this. I have felt the same way since I have memory. I would take a thick September fashion issue over any porn magazine. Heck, to be honest I have never owned a porn magazine. I just love the models in those magazines, although I prefer pages which are soft. I love Japanese prints. Also, I didn’t know Elle was so thick on Europe. I thought thick magazines were a US thing. Anyways, I wish I had found out about this website before.

    1. Hey,

      Great having you with us – welcome aboard.
      It’s funny (and encurraging) how this fetish started for most of us in a pretty similar way.
      I’m sure you’ll find here lots of exciting stuff, and things you can relate to.
      Hope to see more of your thoughts, pics, stories, and whatever comes to mind.

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