Jun 172020

  16 Responses to “my last night”

  1. Do you have to say that on every post? Just be quiet.

  2. Oooh Lydia Bosch! I had fun too with this magazine

  3. Is Sampson admin on this page?

    • Yeah he is admin. He seems nice enough. I should have uploaded more.

    • No he is not. It is the founder (AdminMF) and me, who has admin rights. And we agreed that we are all here of our own free will, if Sampson dont like it, he is free to leave us.


      • Thanks BXV, didn’t want to say my actual thoughts of him in case I got banned, but “nice enough” wouldnt have been my choice of words

        • I think we have an unique little group of people who has the same fetich for magazines, and i believe we should be hppy that we can share our thoughys and pictures with eachother.

  4. By the way superola, nice cover. I’ve got the uk edition ‘hello fashion’ x

  5. we have a fake … im the only superola, shut up, slut! You’re causin’ too much chaos.

    have fun in another way, in a small blog like this, you prove that you have it even smaller by copying me

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