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    1. No it’s not, you said it on his last post so just chill man he’s probably busy, but yes it would be nice if there were a couple more pics to the post

    1. No he is not. It is the founder (AdminMF) and me, who has admin rights. And we agreed that we are all here of our own free will, if Sampson dont like it, he is free to leave us.


        1. I think we have an unique little group of people who has the same fetich for magazines, and i believe we should be hppy that we can share our thoughys and pictures with eachother.

          1. Good one fake ‘superola’. But please, can you change back your nickname. Thank you.

  1. we have a fake … im the only superola, shut up, slut! You’re causin’ too much chaos.

    have fun in another way, in a small blog like this, you prove that you have it even smaller by copying me

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