Hi Everybody.

Do any one here know how we or why we got this magazine addiction or fetish?

For me I clearly know the first time I got my hand on a fashion magazine.  I do remember the feeling. That feeling trigged something in my brain and it was then instant clear what Im about to be sexual aroused to.

When all my friends was stealing their older brothers porn mags and got aroused, I just stole my mothers fashion mags and jerked off to them. Fashion magazine is like “porn magazines” for me.  This type of fetish or addiction was not easy to grow up with in my point of view. Before I was able to buy my own magazines I got pretty frustrated when my mother got new issues by mail. Just looking at the new shiny cover with that beautiful girl and not be able to hold it, feel it and maturbate to it made me so messed up in my head. My mother did not understand what the hell  was wrong with me. She tried a coulple of times to talk to me but I never told her the reason. How could I?  For a boy like me that was not an option to tell her my “secret”. I was forced to WAIT until she had read it and pretty much forgot it. That could be a month of waiting and in best cases about 2-3 weeks . the first part was to steal it and next part was to take care of it for the day and not to stain it with my cum when I was finished.  Later when I bought my own magazines I notice that it was comfortable that my mother subscribed. I could read it before I buy to see if it was worth buying.

Nowadays I just go for the cover. And all grown  up now and living with my family I feel that im pretty much back to the beginning.  I have to hide the new mags and not able to masturbate to them when ever I want to….Well shit I hate this addiction 🙂




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  1. Find a way to involve your wife, now my surly loves to tease me with the magazine, most if the time she forces me to buy them.

    I used to feel the same way, but now it’s an amazing spice to our love life..

    I live in Horsens (Denmark), what about you?

    1. So lucky! With my gf was the same but from one day to another she stopped liking them, at least sexually. We are subscribed to Elle, but it’s been months without even touching a single page :(. I guess they are stages…

    1. That explain your preference for the Danish magazine’s 🙂
      I hope you again will embrace your and enjoy the full you..

      Hugs and kisses.

  2. That is one of the positive thing about the internet. First you think you are the only one in the whole world with this fetish, but the discover you are not alone 🙂 It has mede my life easier and helped me come to terms with our wonderfull fetish for womens magazines

  3. I think it’s no different to woman who love and vibrators really.
    We just like fashion magazines. My wife knows about my fetish. She says why not do it with any magazines of any subject! I’m like no way you don’t get it, sometimes I don’t get it. Even when I was living in my own or in my late teens I’d rather wank to a fashion magazine before opting for a porn magazine. I prefer even sexy clothed women to naked women.
    When I was 13+ I’d have the same issues. Here would be a copy af Cosmo around. I’d wait a couple of months until I thought right this is forgotten about then I’d pounce on it, literally! Strangely even if I had one or two in stash. If a new Cosmo was bought I’d be twitching until I got my cock all over it.
    But sometimes there would be a gift now and again my mums friends would give her they’re old magazines line 3/4 at a time I’d be in heaven.

  4. I have about 60 or 70 women’s magazines and no porn ones. Half with me and the other half in my girlfriend’s house (plus some special ones that I keep hidden only for me). I love well dressed women and everything feminine, there is no comparison!

    I feel very identified by the situations you name, even now that I have not been able to do much with this fetish and my girlfriend. I keep seeing how our subscriptions from Elle magazine continue to come and I couldn’t do anything with them, just look at the shiny covers.

    My fetish started as a child. My grandmother was a wedding dress designer and had countless thick and shiny bridal magazines. Women used to come and leaf through all the magazines until they found their dress. Meanwhile when there was no one around, I masturbated with the dresses they had chosen in the magazines. Then my mother and sister continued the tradition as seamstresses and clothing designers. So luckily there was always a fashion magazine going around the house.

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