Many many years ago i was able to get my hands on my moms ELLE magazine. I belive i was about ten or eleven years old when the magazine made its debut to me. I remember how i got spellbound by Isabella Rosselini who covered the front of the magazine. In clear red color and high gloss i couldnt resist it. When my mom went away to go shopping i stayed at home alone and took the mag to my room. When i was leafed through the magazine i notice my penis was growing hard every time i saw a sexy girl with her gorgeous makeup. Since then i masturbate to womens magazines. All my friends was masturbating to porn, every now and then i was offered pornmags but i never recieved any pornmags. I wanted womens magazines! I tried to trade magazines like ELLE from my friends.  With some success. When i got older i bought my own mags, that gave me unlimited access to womens magazine. Now more than 30 years later i subscribes to about 6 different mags.

My all time favorite magazine is Damernas Värld. It is a high gloss,thick and heavy magazine like ELLE. Many adds with gorgeous girls in their finest make up. Classy women and the most elegant mag here in Sweden.

My number two is with no doubt VeckoRevyn. All in high gloss and covers teens to 25 years old girls. If i want a instant orgasm i choose Veckorevyn.

Amelia is my number three. Mostly in high gloss. It covers girls in the middle age mostly and alot of celebrities. I started to subscribe in 1996 and it have been my longest subscribing so far. I dont regret it. About once a day i masturbate to Amelia.

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  1. Never heard any of it, but they look all gorgeous !!
    Let me guess, Damernas = women ?
    Covers of VeckoRevyn look very beautiful for me, but I admit Damernas look very class!

    You said: “I tried to trade magazines like ELLE from my friends”, it means your friends know you like to masturbate on this kind of magazines? I never dare to tell anyone of my friend, I just kept it secret until now (except my wife).

    1. Hi!

      Yes, Damernas Värld = Womens World. I really like it.
      To my friends i told them that i like a particular girl in those magazine that i would like to read about. That could be ELLE, Damernas Värld or Femina. Of course they didnt have this kind of magazines only their moms had them. So it was tricky to convince them to steal em. I found out this to be to much work. They didnt understand the real purpose though. Later on i stole them from my mother or when she was going to throw them away. Obviously she knew in the end that I masturbated to her old magazine when she found them under my bed.

  2. I lived 10 years i Sweden. I remember thoose magazines 🙂 My then girlfriend used to read Veckorevyn and Amelia,wich was normal for a swedish teenagegirl 20 years ago 🙂

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