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Buying fashion magazines is always a special thrill for me – let me share with you my experience through one of the occasions:

I once walked in my favorite magazine store that has a huge selection of fashion glossies from all around the globe.
After spending some time browsing and flipping through piles of many wonderful shiny magazines (their sight and great mixture of the smell around me was intoxicating !) I picked one awesome very thick glossy and crisp copy of Elle Italia 04/2011 and a slick glamorous copy of Vogue Paris 03/2011.

I waited until a young couple finished his business at the counter (I think they bought some architectural mags).
Then I carried both magazines towards the counter and handed them to the very pretty counter girl (she was about 25), that I haven’t seen there before.
She placed the 2 quite heavy mags carefully in a transparent plastic bag for me and then handed it over to me, looking straight into my eyes and saying softly with a warm smile:
“I hope you enjoy your new magazines”, as if she guessed my sleazy intentions for these glossies.
My heart missed a pulse and felt a blush sneaking onto my face. I was almost tempted to be brave and say something clever about it, but my better judgment (and inhibitions) prevailed, and I just said “Thank you, have a pleasant day”.
Then I turned towards the exit, wearing my best poker face, but couldn’t hold back a subtle mischievous smile that sneaked out unintentionally.

Writing these lines brings back the memories…
I reflected on this incident with that pretty girl whenever I played with these 2 glossy honeys, which intensified my orgasms immensely with them.
Told you it was my favorite magazine store, didn’t I….

Kim Kardashian buying magazines

Paris Hilton buying magazines

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  1. Oh yes I would love to be there with all those glossies, it would be wonderful if the lovely girl would flip through those gorgeous fashion bibles showing you her favourite fem pages.

  2. This is my favorite magazine shop for several years now.
    They have the biggest quantity of magazines from all over the world – literally many 100’s or even several 1000’s brands !
    It is quite far from my area, so I visit there a few times a year, only, when I’m around.

    My last visit to this shop was some 4 months ago, buying the super thick & heavy POP magazine issue 34 (S/S 2016) and AnOther Magazine (A/W 2015) – both appear in the pics of my previous post.
    I also bought with it a glossy US BAZAAR March 2016 issue.

    I haven’t seen this girl after this incident – there are several counter people – male & female – who are doing shifts and different week days (I think).
    Maybe she even does not work there anymore…

    Looking forward impatiently to my next visit.

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