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I had see here how massive Elle issues were in Italy and I couldn’t contain myself and bought 2 on Ebay for around $16 each with shipping. Yes, these issues are over 10 years old, but I really don’t care. I am just so happy to have them!!!

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  1. Hi, i have these and similar Elle, Marie Claire, Amica, Flair magazines. They are once read, no missing pages, in very good condition. I just sell them because i bought around 120 pieces now and ran out of space. So i sell half of it. If u r interrested.
    By the way Italian Elle is one of my favorite.
    I upload some picture later.

    1. That is incredibly tempting, but I overdid my budget on magazines and books this month. I also bought the latest issue of Love and the usual September issues. Give me some time and I am pretty sure I will buy some from you.

  2. Until 10 – 15 years ago, Italian editions of Elle, Marie Claire, Amica and Vogue used to be super thick, with perfumed pages and great paper quality.
    I have quite a few of each brand, and still play with them occasionly.

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