Jul 182020

Besides my magazine fetish I also got another one related to magazine fetish. You see, I like to spray my cum on woman faces. My faves is make-up pictures with lots of nails. God I love nails !  I like the pictures beeing BIG and I always put them in Zip bags so they are protected from cum staines and are easy to clean after cumming.

Do anyone here like to cum on womans faces too?

I think I will cum on Lady Gaga tonight.

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  5 Responses to “One of my other fetishes”

  1. This looks very exciting do you aim at their gorgeous lips?

    • Well, generally just in their faces. Favorite spots are cheeks, noses and lips But it is so hard to control when the orgasm rushes. 🙂

  2. Good post.
    I would say that and magazines all sort of relate.
    I love big make up pictures too. I love the Natalie Portman Dior lipstick ads I could jazz on them all day long. And I love long nails too. Manicure or painted. I love getting an HJ. I love to watch long nail or lipstick vids on Xhamster when I have my magazines out.

    • Nathalies Ads are unbelivable hot. Lancome and Dior have the best ads around,.especially mascara and lipstick ads. I used to like Maybellines ads, but the have weaken a bit. Ads in magazines is actually the first thing I care about , As I flick thru and scans the best ads I sort them out in order and second I go for the girls in the fashion pages or interviews.

  3. I love faces and hands in suggestive poses

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