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I just want to show my collection of KICKS Magazine and some special edition issues. I have to say that these are my favs among the favs. They are quiet simple but LOADED with faces to cum on. The girls inside are most unkown to us but sometimes they use centerfolds of supermodels. Any way as a subscriber to KICKS I got it by mail every month and about 2 specials a year. These magazines has given me many ejaculations I have to say. Therefore I protect them before cumming inside. Oh yes! they are glossy inside, but i dont take any chance of ruin them of sticky pages. On the outside there is no problem, just wipe them clean. I seems to cum more often to the girl in the last two photos. Im a little weak for girls with “winged eyeliner” She is my cumdumper.. She totally drains me dry of semen

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  1. Yes they do. The only thing I miss is some free samples of cream or lotion. there is nothing better than rub the cock with fress samples of fragrance bodylotion or cream.

      1. Ok, that was a great question. I thought it was enough just to register an account on Kicks.se, but you have to live in Sweden because they don´t ship outside Sweden. Ive just got their statment by E-mail.

        But, I have found some magazine on Tradera.se from time to time, that is a salesite in Scandinavia, but it is like Ebay, many sellers send worldwide.
        Like the ad below, it is closed. but check it now and then.


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