Here is my current collection of glossy women’s fashion mags.

Here’s my glossy Voguazine, my glossy beauty.
Here’s my magazine, gaga, so very sexy. I had sex with this magazine while screaming “OMG GAGA! OMG GAGA!” So sexy, I love you Bazaar

Anyone here in the USA?

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  1. Hello, I am also based in the US. I love Vogue and the old thick InStyle. Sadly I think the newer US issues suck (shitty sticky paper, very thin, literally obese models…) I have moved to buying European magazines and older issues.

    1. ah yes 🙂
      That Voguazine is very beautiful!
      When i went to the store to buy it, I bought 3 copies. The cashier had a curious look on her face, but maybe she just knew how much of a Vogue fan I am lol

      -Chanel Magazina

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